Feeling Glad Inc: what's going on in the head of Gorillaz author Jamie Hewlett ?. Part 2


Jamie's career in the graphic story industry is very unusual. Instead of asking for DC or Marvel’s British office or paving the way through the classic 2000 AD series (almost all famous British comic scriptwriters and artists wrote and painted for her), he founded Atomtan magazine with his friends in college. Unusual works attracted the attention of Brett Yins, who at that time was just looking for material for his new Deadline magazine. Interestingly, the second co-founder of the publication was Steve Dillon, who later worked a lot with Garth Ennis, painting “Hellblazer”, “Preacher” and “Panisher”.

Hewlett, along with Companion Alan Martin, agreed to cooperate. For Deadline, they created a small strip about Tankista, a heroine living in post-apocalyptic Australia who drives a tank, says something and has a kangaroo boyfriend.

We tried to tell a story with a female character, because at that moment there was not a single interesting or strong central heroine around. It seemed that many of them were drawn by men who had never communicated with the opposite sex.

The tanker became a world phenomenon: she inspired the fashion industry, influenced the punk movement, was bought by DC comics, received a film adaptation (which cannot be discussed, but we will remember it later) and made Hewlett one of the most influential comic artists of her time. In parallel with Deadline, he worked on Vertigo (drew Doom Patrol and created several covers for Shade, the Changing Man) and 2000 AD (drew Judge Dredd and his own series Hewligan's Haircut in collaboration with Peter Milligan), but the mainstream did not drag Jamie into their hugs.

After closing Deadline, he worked a little for The Face magazine, creating a Get the Freebies strip for them, and then went into advertising. And settled in the same apartment with Damon Albarn.

Cinema and Teleadaptations

Both experiences transferring his work to the screen became a trauma for Hewlett. The Tankistka premiere screening in 1995 discouraged him from working in the comic industry, and the pilot of the Phoo Action series (based on Get the Freebies) on the BBC Three received too little audience and did not develop into a full-fledged series.

My mention of this whole scam is the premiere on Hollywood Boulevard. There were spotlights, helicopters, a tank from the movie that drove through the streets and a huge crowd, among which was a presenter who announced people on the red carpet. "Hey, this is David from Malibu's Rescuers!" I was so ashamed when I hit the carpet. “Yes, it's Jamie Hewlett, the creator of Tankman! Hey, Jamie, how are you? ”All I could squeeze out of myself in the middle of the crowd was“ Um, I need to go to the toilet. ” After that, I sat behind Ice T. People walked by and said something, but all I heard was, “Yo, Ice, you look cool in a kangaroo costume!” And when the film ended and the light turned on, then everyone - absolutely everything - looked at me. The lowest experience in my life. Awful. But I was 26! So I already learned something.

Although Jamie does not like to remember the film, the main reason for the failure was the studio's constant demands for cost reduction, which led to a change in plot. With 6,000 left, it’s hard to do something good, even when the main roles are played by Naomi Watts, Ice T and Malcolm McDowell. In short, everyone hated the film adaptation (even the Iggy Pop cameo did not save), so we will not remember about it anymore. Why in our modern time is so popular sex video chat? There are several reasons for this. First, the anonymity of sex video chats. You do not need to get acquainted with the person, check it, and risk their cherished secrets in sex cams like in real life. The person who is in the same chat room with you in our erotic chat is in a completely different city, country, or even continent. This person does not know where you work, with whom you communicate, where you live.