Dino D-Day: Overview Friv Game

Once upon a time I read the wonderful novel The Man in the High Castle. Philip Kindred Dick(Philip Kindred Dick) told an extremely fascinating story about how Germany and Japan won the Second World War. The most interesting thing is that in this fictional world the book “When the Locust Eats Up” was very popular, where the author fantasized about the opposite - how the same states were defeated. Of course, this work was forbidden by the Nazis, and the person who wrote it was persecuted and forced to hide in a well-defended fortress. In addition, many interesting events take place in the novel, so I recommend that you familiarize yourself at your leisure. But my thought is simple - no matter how events unfold, people tend to constantly fantasize and reflect on what would happen if...

Looks like Dino D-Daywas the result of just such thoughts about alternative reality. According to the developers, the restless Adolf Hitler managed not only to bring back to life some extinct species of dinosaurs, but also to make them fight for a just cause - that is, for the fascists. But, as it usually happens, there were forces who decided to fight back. Unfortunately, on the side of the Alliance, which is cruelly and purposefully exterminating Nazi evil, only people are fighting. But what! Play online games on the friv games site with the whole family. Only the best online games are presented on this mega portal.

Each class represents a single person with a very specific name. Here, for example, Camille Brun (Camille Brun) - the French partisan who wholeheartedly hates the Nazis and everything connected with them. In the French resistance, the girl was trained as a combat nurse, which means that her unique abilities include the healing of wounded comrades. Camille can be treated both with the help of first-aid kits, and with his own hands. Or here's another girl - Ilona Vike. This Latvian partisan watched with her own eyes how the army of Hitler's dinosaurs destroyed her native village. No wonder that since then she has bravely fought against them. Ilona is a professional sniper, but a rifle is not her only weapon. With her, she constantly carries a dead rabbit.

The accessory is not pleasant, of course, but it is extremely useful. It is worth throwing the carcass somewhere near the enemy dinosaurs, as those who fail to overcome instinct, attack the prey. Well, Ilone at this time is not difficult to eliminate one at a time, taking a good aim, the company of hungry dinosaurs. Of course, not only women are fighting for the forces of the Alliance. There are also brave men, wearing, for example, various types of grenades or who can cause airstrike. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult for each of them if prehistoric creatures go on the attack.

There are also brave men, wearing, for example, various types of grenades or who can cause airstrike. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult for each of them if prehistoric creatures go on the attack. There are also brave men, wearing, for example, various types of grenades or who can cause airstrike. Nevertheless, it becomes difficult for each of them if prehistoric creatures go on the attack.

Hitler, in submission, also has people who can scatter first-aid kits on the map and cause air strikes. But half of the classes here are those very animated and very embittered carnivorous dinosaurs. Here, for example, is a dilophosaurus. He moves exclusively on his hind legs, and attacks mainly with his front legs. In addition, thanks to sharp teeth, he perfectly succeeds in grabbing the jaws of peacefully grazing goats, and then use them as a throwing weapon. The same thing, by the way, is not weak for him to do with the dead enemies, so do not be surprised if bleating pets and corpses fly on the map every now and then. Well, also brisk velociraptors - they deftly jump onto the victim, trying to bite off his head or at least damage the spine. Amidst all this turmoil, crocodile-like dysmatosuchs move slowly.

Of course, success in a multiplayer shooter like Dino D-Day is determined by cohesive teamwork. That is, even a dinosaur does not become such a formidable adversary if it turns out to be alone against a handful of Alliance soldiers. So either beg friends to keep you company, or use voice chat more actively. It is worth noting that you are unlikely to succeed in realizing the idea with teammates as teammates.

And all because, most likely, not one of them will want to pay almost twenty bucks - that’s exactly what Steam is asking for Dino D-Day . She is not worth the money.

Externally, Dino D-Day is an almost complete copy of the popular modification for Half-Life 2 called Day of Defeat: Source . Over time, the developers warmed Valve , so DoD became a full-fledged game. But it will cost much less than dinosaurs adventures. But in Dino D-Dayweapons and textures remain the same. In addition, she came out with extremely annoying bugs, which sometimes create serious problems. The most “wonderful” glitch is the disappearance of the character’s texture. A gun runs to itself on the map and shoots everyone. And if in the case of a person, by this very gun it is possible to determine where the enemy is, then it’s extremely difficult to detect an invisible dinosaur.

At Dino D-Daydefinitely has its own charm. The idea, you see, is quite original and attractive. But the implementation still remained at the mod level. Here, of course, there are a lot of fun online activities - in addition to the classic deathmatch, there is also the holding of a control point, and completely original missions like undermining strategically important objects. A curious thing is a huge stykosaurus. He enters the battlefield if the Nazis have already lost one of the stages. In this case, a huge dinosaur becomes the last chance. His task is to go from one end of the map to the other and survive. Well, the Alliance, of course, needs to kill the giant. Moreover, the bullets will not take it - only special charges for detonation will work here.

But, alas, such gameplay joys still come to naught, as soon as you remember how much you put out for this craft. Sell ​​a modification, albeit sometimes fun, at the price of a full game? This is no good.

Pros: interesting setting; good modes; great sound.

Cons: a modification that impersonates a full game and at the same time has an overpriced cost.