Cities XL 2011: Friv Game Overview

Urban simulations won the hearts of gamers during the creation of the SimCity cult . Then, in 1989, it was a real breakthrough gaming industry, brilliant creation Will Wright (William R. Wright), which brought the company great glory Maxis . The popularity of the project became the basis for the birth of a whole series devoted to laying roads, building houses and offices, meeting the needs of colorful virtual men. The saga of genius actually ended in 2003, when SimCity 4 was released. Friv games play online at this website friv games. It is important to note that it is still played by millions of fans around the world, which is eloquently evidenced by the flourishing international site, where users create magazines with screenshots of their virtual cities (for example, Kaliningrad ), contests with prizes and, of course, tens and hundreds of additions are being laid out.

Subsequently, newcomers appeared periodically in the genre, but they only reminded us of the existence of the good old SimCity 4 . For example, in 2007 the ill-fated SimCity Societies was released , which was also created in the bowels of Maxis , but it, like many other representatives of the genre, simply parodied the capabilities of the “true” SimCityand was served at the same time under a beautiful wrapper: 3D-graphics, a big name. However, scanty gameplay is not able to hold our attention for a long time. Today, all the crafts have become nothing more than a part of the story without their fans, and some have even lost their official sites. Therefore, we can safely say that since 2004 there has not been a single truly high-quality development in this genre, with the possible exception of Tropico 3 , but it relates more to political simulators. But some enthusiasts nevertheless made an attempt to move the legend from the hatched pedestal.

The mayor was spanked for embezzlement A real star of hope for fans to visit in the shoes of the mayor sparkled in the sky in 2008. The French developers from Monte Cristo Games , a little known for the not very popular City Life , the failed "killer" SimCity 4 , decided to jump above their heads and try their luck again in this field by announcing the promising project Cities Unlimited . It all started with a forum where visitors were allowed to conduct an open dialogue with company employees on all elements of the future game, starting with general questions regarding gameplay and ending with the appearance of virtual sidewalks. This gave rise to a feeling of universal involvement in creating the perfect urban simulation simulator - the fans' dreamsOf SimCity . Regular revelations on the official Monte Cristo blog with the obligatory application of beautiful screenshots and videos added fuel to the fire .

Then came the time of change, accompanied by a change in the name of the future hit to the somewhat inconsistent Cities XL and seemingly not portended troubles introducing an online mode. Now we had to build cities on a common planet and trade with each other, and for this pleasure we had to pay monthly. At the same time, the first notes of doubt about success were heard in the community. Oddly enough, this is where the chain of disappointment has just begun: almost before the release, the authors began to actively advertise Cities XLHowever, in the list of its features there was very little of what was promised a year earlier.

It turned out that the developers did not take seriously a single message or wishes from the participants of the official forum. Thousands of proposals remained only in the memoirs and archives of the site. Monte cristowalked along unknown paths into the unknown, losing fans' commitment and succumbing to the only desire to make money with an already famous brand. All fears were confirmed in October 2009, when the game was born, the servers were started, and the first registered users began to build up virtual planets. Beautiful views in 3D, changing the time of day, the opportunity to walk along the streets of a self-made city, the complete absence of restrictions on road construction - none of this could save the project from imminent death. Cities XLsuffocated in her ambitions after three months - the servers were closed in March 2010 due to the very low number of subscribers and the extremely dangerous financial condition of the developer. The reason is simple - it was not interesting, the promise was not realized, the gameplay quickly got bored. All the familiar illnesses of our workshop colleagues who failed in the “kill SimCity 4 ” mission were evident here.

After a few months on the pages of online gaming publications again sounds “Cities XL” remembered by failures, but this time with the suffix “2011”. The announcement came from the mouth of another developer - the French from Focus Home Interactive , who had bought all the rights to the project from that moment on Monte Cristo . Another attempt to recreate the unrealized or try your hand at correcting the mistakes of a failed, but ready and debugged game - it became a mystery to everyone. Then the CEO of Cedric Lagarrigue stated literally the following: “We want Cities XLthere was a future. Despite the fact that she could not succeed, she could be quite successful in Europe. You can not leave without the future and the community that has been developing around the project all this time. In addition, we are convinced that the series will leave its mark on history, as promised in the press releases of the first part of Cities XL . Therefore, Focus Home Interactive is preparing a sequel. As for fans of other urban simulations, the content of Cities XL 2011 , its richness and functionality will appeal to everyone and everyone.”

Again a series of promises, again an old song about the main thing - to reach the level of popularity and sales of SimCity 4. And, as we have already seen on the failures of such simulators, it is very difficult to do this. A key feature of the new Cities XL image was the complete lack of network mode. And although an Internet connection is required to run and register, the developers promised to cut out all the signs of online functionality. Now there was practically no hype, work with the community was practically not carried out, brand promotion was much less extensive than with Monte Cristo . Quietly and without chic on October 15, Cities XL 2011 was released for Europe and the USA (and Akella recently released the Russian-language version ), which was completed and included only a single.

The mayor approves the budget of Cities XL 2011 , of course, is one of the most beautiful games not only among competitors, but also among games in general, where there are such huge locations with a lot of houses, streets, car traffic, passers-by. Thanks to full-fledged 3D, we are free to take a bird's eye view of all this, or “move” the camera into a passerby or a car and observe the events in the city from a first-person view. The change of day and night shows the graphic delights of the updated engine, and animated people give the feeling that our metropolis lives a peculiar interesting life. To build and observe the result of their labors is one of the local entertainments of the virtual mayor. And if in Cities XLit was almost the basis of everything, here a lot of advanced gameplay capabilities are added to the beautiful visual component.

The free development planning system that migrated from the previous project compares favorably with the cellular one in SimCity 4 . This allows us to come up with completely different schemes of road junctions, repeat the arrangement of neighborhoods in an existing city, or simply create our own way of placing high-rises, for example, with a view of the bay itself. In Cities XL 2011The system of search for ways for transport and passenger flow from citizens' houses to offices, shops or factories was improved. So, a wide highway with six lanes will be higher priority for traffic than a narrow street. In addition, if you build a clinic or fire station not in a remote and confused street at intersections, but on a highway that runs through the city, the level of influence of the municipal building will have a larger radius.

Cities XL, which was promised earlier in the online mode and has been introduced now, honestly transport passengers along pre-laid routes and manually set stops. Really important feature in the urban simulation. We have the opportunity even to replace the rolling stock in the depot with low-capacity and low-cost minibuses, or to launch ordinary regular cars or even two-story freelance rutmasters. Another major innovation bringing the project closer to the legendary Transport Tycoon, - railway transport. More precisely, here we are presented only with the metro, which is being built either underground or over the flyover. In fact, there is a feeling that it was introduced at a late stage of development. Firstly, there are not enough stations for ground tracks (there are underground vestibules with a “leaky” 3D model, it has not been changed even in the patch), and secondly, it is not always clear that virtual residents have priority - the metro or buses. Contrary to logic, for some reason they use the former much less frequently than the latter.