How to varnish parquet yourself

Parquet floors - a finish with excellent wear resistance, environmental friendliness, luxurious appearance. But in order for the parquet to retain its advantages as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it. Care includes timely updating of the protective layer of varnish. The procedure should be carried out at intervals of a maximum of 7 years. But how exactly does she look?

1. Preparation of parquet for varnishing

Depending on when the parquet was laid, its own preparation method is chosen. It is easier to handle if the parquet has been laid recently and has never been varnished or painted. In this case, at the preparatory stage, it is only enough to prime it very well. It is best to apply the primer twice, as fresh wood will actively absorb moisture.

It is much more difficult to prepare parquet floors if they have already been painted or varnished several times. Here you can not do without preliminary grinding. To remove the old finishing material, the parquet is grinded. Then inspect the parquet planks, if necessary, replace them. Cracks or cracks can be covered with putty. After the parquet is polished again to make it as smooth as possible. And only after that they ground.

2. Varnish application on prepared parquet

To apply varnish, you need a roller on which there is a short-nap skin. You will also need a brush, because in some places it is simply impossible to cope with one roller. The owner should immediately consider that the quality of the varnish depends on the number of layers applied. Parquet is varnished at least three times. And some experts recommend applying varnish 5-7 times altogether.

Each layer must be very thin, so the varnish is carefully rubbed on the surface of the wood. Then wait for the layer to dry, if necessary, eliminate the defects using a fine-grained skin. And only after removing the formed dust and contaminants, they start applying the next layer.

3. When can I use the parquet?

After applying the last layer, the parquet must be left alone for at least two days. Only after this time has elapsed can one begin to walk on it. You can not bring furniture for about a week. If you hurry, dents or scratches will remain on the floor. By repeating such an event regularly, the owner will always be able to keep the parquet in order and significantly extend its overall operating period. You want to get the most pleasure and memorable feelings, talking with a lovely stranger? Are you tired of the routine of sex, dreaming of thrills or just want to share your erotic fantasies? Visit cam girls free online and get unforgettable emotions from communicating with liberated beauties. Sex chat fantastically realistic feelings What are you waiting for, visiting one or the other sex video chat? We are convinced that in the list of claims to similar resources on the main place you have.