Books for children are not toys

The most read nation

At one time, the Russians gained fame as the most reading nation, even despite the fact that there were times when books were frankly hard to get, and there was no mention of the Internet. But, nevertheless, Russian people found ways to get hold of reading matter, which had a very positive effect on both the general level of education and intellectual development.

Now the situation is reversed - the books are full, in any formats and any genres, but opinion polls claim that the number of book lovers is steadily falling every year. In principle, this is not surprising - if before the main problem was to get a book, now the problem is to find time to read. Plus, there is a lack of education: our country is so “prosperous” that parents simply do not have enough time to engage in children and instill in them a love of reading. Well, if a child suddenly wants to read it himself, then you should not worry - the Ministry of Culture will do everything to discourage children from any desire to join the printed word.

Rating for books

This is a new initiative of the Ministry of Culture in the framework of the ill-fated "law on the protection of children from harmful information." The first step is to label all books according to age rating, the second step is to restrict access to "adult books" for minor readers. The latter should be expressed in the creation of special departments in bookstores and libraries, where adolescents will be allowed. In other departments, access to children will be closed.

And, one must understand that this is not about erotic literature - the requirements developed by the Ministry of Culture may well exclude from the works of children accessible the works of almost all Russian classics and wonderful world novelists, whose books were originally offered to children in Soviet times.

As the writer Sergey Shargunov has already said, the whole thing is how this initiative will be implemented. “It is important that this initiative really works adequately, and does not turn into another cut of funds. After all, for example, if you prohibit books that contain violence, you can safely erase Russian folk tales from the lives of children. ”

The writer Pavel Basinsky adheres to the same opinion, believing, moreover, that the main problem of our time is not what children read, but that they do not read at all. In this regard, the writer ironically stated: “Maybe the forbidden labeling will even play a positive role, and they will be able to attract children to reading?”

In general, this initiative is quite natural. The policy of fooling the nation continues: each new generation at this pace will have an increasingly narrow horizons, which means that one day it will turn into an obedient herd. This is what the authorities dream of and do everything to bring this plan to life. dianabol