Cuban rum and Tropicana cabaret: what to see in Cuba

Happy holders of trips to Cuba, you can sincerely kindly envy. This island country located in the place where North, South and Central America "converge" among themselves, and which is often called the Island of Freedom by tradition, will undoubtedly give many unforgettable moments to every guest who flew in to enjoy the hot Cuban sun and unique Cuban national flavor. . Those people who do not know what to do in Cuba will find a large number of suitable activities for themselves on the very first day of vacation.

Perhaps the first place to go to Cuba is a must - it is the capital. Havana is famous for its Spanish fortresses Castillo del Moro and Castillo de la Punta, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the port of Havana. In addition, every tourist who is in Cuba for the first time should definitely visit the largest zoo in the Americas, the City Hall, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Plaza de la Catedral - one of the most beautiful squares in the Cuban capital. History lovers will also not regret the excursion to the Historical Museum of Guanabocoa and, of course, while on vacation in Cuba, certainly you should not miss the opportunity to visit the house-museum of Ernest Hemingway.

Another famous landmark of Havana, which is visited daily by a large number of tourists - the Tropicana cabaret, opened in the late 30s of the last century and gained extraordinary popularity in the 50s. Today, Tropicana is one of the most visited places in the Cuban capital: almost every tourist wants to see a unique dance and music show in which about two hundred professionals are involved today and enjoy delicious dishes from national Cuban and other world cuisines.

For many people, Freedom Island is always associated with rum and cigar - this stereotype of ideas about Cuba has been around the world for a long time and firmly. Where can I taste and buy the best Cuban rum? Of course, only on Cuba itself. You can skip a glass of Cuban rum in almost any cafe or local restaurant. But cigar lovers will be interested in an excursion to Partagas, the largest cigar factory on the island.

Another unforgettable sight is the Cuban dances, which tourists come here to enjoy so much admiring glances from tourists coming here. Well, of course, Cuba can be called a real paradise for all true gourmets - here you can taste the national dish Akhiako Criollo (vegetable soup with meat), especially pork and lamb, crocodile and turtle meat, arros moro (rice with black beans ), and for dessert - juicy tropical fruits and the famous Cuba-libre cocktail, which includes real Cuban rum and Coca-Cola.