Description of films # 2

1. All his life, Martin dreamed of becoming a famous guitar player. In his dreams, he often saw how his concerts gathered whole stadiums. The guy sincerely hoped that one day this moment would come. In the meantime, he is perfecting his guitar playing skills and building his personal life. Now in his relationship came a very important and exciting moment. Ahead of Martin is waiting for an acquaintance with the parents of her lover. The guy had high hopes for this day, but everything collapsed, as soon as he crossed the threshold of Mr. Gallo's house. He openly laughed at Martin's plans, which ultimately led to a major quarrel between the young lovers. The girl threw a beginner guitarist and moved out of their apartment. Martin immediately became depressed. He did not see the meaning of life after the departure of his beloved. Even music no longer gave him pleasure. Martin stopped monitoring himself and his home. The apartment eventually turned into a landfill. The furniture was covered with dust, things and bottles of alcohol were scattered on the floor. This is the picture that Mr. Gallo found when he unexpectedly showed up to visit Martin. He told the failed son-in-law that his daughter disappeared without a trace, having ceased all communication with the family before this. The man is very puzzled by this situation, so he intends to find a fugitive. He really hopes that Martin will help him with this. True, you need to go in search immediately, in the middle of the night.

2. Young man Alex meets the beautiful Juliet and passion flashes between them. Since the guy does not work anywhere and does not have his own housing, the girl suggests moving to her place for a while. She herself currently lives with her parents, where she calls and Alexa. The young man does not feel quite comfortable in such conditions, but nowhere to go. He is trying to write scripts for films, but he still does not succeed. Alex absolutely does not make money, so Juliet's mother offers him a side job. He must educate her father and grandfather of Juliet, work on a computer and communicate on social networks, on Skype, use e-mail. Alex agrees and meets Pierre Stein, an elderly man who has lived a long and interesting life. Pierre has a very nasty character and is always dissatisfied with everything, so the guy has a pretty difficult time with him, but over time they become good friends and interlocutors. Having plunged into the virtual world, an elderly man finds a lot of interesting things for himself. He even signs up on a dating site and begins to chat with women seeking love. With one of them, with Flora, he makes friends, and the girl invites him to meet. But the problem is that Pierre did not indicate his age and put up a photograph of Alex. Now he is trying to persuade the guy to go on a date instead of him. What will this fateful meeting turn into? Live sex webcams, when a woman home alone with device that can stream porn videos online, she is inclined to show something special to lovers of feminine beauty in a confidential environment. These are genuine free sex live girls that are naked on cam and they are here to offer you pleasure! Open a Free Account and enjoy the exclusive shows we offer plus registration is completely free!