Gemini Rue: Overview Friv Game

Before us is a living proof of the fact that quests love in the first place not for the picture. The depth of the study of the world, the characters and the canceled staging - that is what is in priority. The increased “pixelatedness” of Gemini Rue has scared off a considerable number of potential buyers, breathing unevenly to noir and classical cyberpunk. But on the other hand, those educated people who judged the quality of the content of this game, without looking at a very conventional visual series, managed to fully enjoy the gameplay. Play best friv games this website.

There are a lot of canonical things here. There is rain that drizzles incessantly. The characteristic sound of drumming drops will accompany you even in the main menu. A special place is occupied by the main characters of Gemini Rue . That in a dark raincoat, name is Azriel. He broadcasts in a smoky voice, kicks information terminals, occasionally chats on the old telephone with his partner and with astonishing persistence searches for a long-time friend.

It is quite another thing Delta 6. Yes, that's the name. The disadvantaged poor thing is extremely unlucky. The memory was erased by the henchmen of the evil mega-corporation, they also keep it locked up, preventing any attempts to escape by another brain cleansing. Helping "Delta 6" to get out of unpleasant confinement will have to us, simultaneously mastering the skills of marksmanship from behind shelters. Azriel conducts his investigation in ways that are usual for a troubled policeman: he lies at every step, sneaks into the premises he needs with the help of master keys, arranges exchanges of fire with unnecessary witnesses, studies objects in a classically cumbersome inventory and does not shun in critical situations.

The game takes place on the forgotten planet Barracus. The government is dissolved, there are beggars on the streets, chaos and devastation everywhere. Criminal syndicates keep control of the streets. In general, everything is bad. The most important thing is not to get lost. And try to conduct your investigation. The narrative is structured in such a way that we will have to alternately control Azriel and Delta 6. Actually, why do we have to grovel? Gemini Rue has long been released on the PC, and all fans of classic quests have already managed to confess their love to her. Neither the deliberately archaic graphics nor the infinity of traditional pixel-hunting could in any way adversely affect the final verdict of the admired masses.

The port turned out smooth and flawless. “Highlights” of active points are now available when you briefly hold your finger on the screen. Manipulations with interface elements occur without failures, and the right clicking on the active areas of the screen succeed the first time. Everything is done for maximum ease of transition from a large platform to an iOS-like one. And do not forget to get headphones. Without them, the sounds of rain are not the same.

One of the best cyberpunk quests has come to your tablets. Urgent buy and (re-) pass!

Pros: the right atmosphere of noir mixed with cyberpunk; sounds of rain; awesome soundtrack; fascinating story, full of surprises.
Cons: pixels! Pixels are everywhere!