The main disadvantages of the floorboard and how to fix them

Parquet board - a product for flooring, endowed with amazing practical and aesthetic characteristics. Just do not think that this material has no problems. The owner, who wants to competently organize the operation of the floorboard, must take into account several important points. What problems do you usually face?

1. Insufficiently high moisture resistance

Due to the fact that wood is used for the manufacture of boards, you need to remember about the low moisture resistance of the finished material. This means that the product can only be used in rooms with normal humidity. Parquet board is inappropriate in the kitchen, in the bathroom, but it is better to abandon its use in the hallway.

2. High care requirements

Of course, a parquet board at first glance seems unpretentious material. After all, the product is very durable and wear-resistant. But still, the layer of wood and additional decor present on the parquet board can still be damaged. For example, if you use abrasive cleaners. Do not wet the product too often. If liquid gets on it, you need to immediately wipe the parquet board with a dry cloth.

3. The need for regular updates

Even when the parquet board is carefully looked after, there is still the danger of severe scuffing, signs of wear, and sometimes mold damage. Because of this, the floorboard needs to be updated regularly. A full repair of the parquet floor suggests that it is first removed from the old finish using a grinder. Then, if necessary, the damaged boards are changed, after the wood is primed, treated with paint or varnish.

4. The tendency to deformation of wood

The problem of wood, as you know, is the tendency to resize depending on the level of humidity. If the wood shrinks as it is used, it will not affect the parquet board very much. Another thing is the increase in the volume of the tree when the air humidity rises. It will be possible to compensate for the expansion of the board if, during the installation process, the parquet flooring is separated from the walls along the perimeter by a small gap. Well, if it will be at least 10 mm on each side.

Although all these listed aspects do not seem to be very important, if they are taken into account, the owner will still be able to provide this floor covering with the longest possible operational period. If you have any concerns with regards to where by and how to use exxonmobilerewardsplus activate card you can get in touch with us at our web-page.