Podgorica - an amazing city of Montenegro

Podgorica is the largest city in all of Montenegro. It is not an ordinary European capital, the new and the old are incredibly interwoven here. The city is definitely worth a visit due to its indescribable atmosphere. The capital will introduce travelers to the interesting culture of Montenegro.
It is advisable to travel around Podgorica by taxi or private car. However, for the central district of the capital, hiking is also suitable, because all the main attractions are concentrated nearby.
The majority of good restaurants offering varied and delicious national cuisine are also located there. Tourists should try fish goulash, in addition, the Montenegrins cook mutton perfectly. In most meat dishes, it is customary to add salted cream (kaymak). The local cheeses and honey are no less delicious.
A traditional drink is grape moonshine or lozovach, which is served with pork ham. In Podgorica there are also shopping centers with branded clothing. For example, Delta City, which has about 80 shops, a cinema with many halls and a food court.
Walking along the narrow streets of Podgorica immerses you in a special atmosphere. The city has several mosques and a clock tower. Monuments to Vysotsky and Pushkin were erected in the city.
Fans of antiquity and history should visit the St. George Church, it was built in the X century. Inside the walls of the building are covered with medieval frescoes. Guests of the city can also go to the City Museum and the Archeology Research Center. The ruins of the ancient Medun fortress are especially attractive for tourists, near which is the ethno-museum of Mako Milyana.
Lovers prefer walking on a stone bridge over the Ribnitsa River. This place is considered the most romantic in the city. However, the most famous is the Millennium - a bridge with a length of about one hundred and forty meters. In addition, the old Vizir bridge is very popular in the capital.
Pleased with diversity and cultural life of Podgorica. It hosts an Alternative Theater Festival, which is international. In addition, rock musicians hold concerts in the capital as part of the Cultural Summer event.
I would like to emphasize once again that the capital of Montenegro is a surprisingly versatile town. On the one hand, it looks like a village, and on the other, it amazes with glass and concrete structures. Only in this city you can see grass scorched by the sun and lush vineyards, numerous ministries and cozy courtyards, stadiums, expensive boutiques and beautiful fountains. And all this awaits you in the hospitable Podgorica. casino minsta ins├Ąttning