Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow (1994). Description

The rector of the police academy and his students will face a new test in the very center of post-Soviet Moscow. It is for this reason that all policemen go abroad to find and neutralize the mafia boss Konstantin Kanalya in Russia, who created the computer game “The Game” with the help of a programmer. In fact, this is not a simple game, but an unusually profitable and attractive game that poses a great threat to everyone. With the help of a trained programmer, Konstantin got the opportunity to connect to any computer in the world for his personal purposes. And this only means one thing: he has the opportunity to gain access to all the capital of banks and other enterprises. In addition, in order to take for himself the very heart of Moscow - Red Square. Therefore, he does everything to implement this idea. The rector, along with the police, understands perfectly well that Konstantin’s appetites can grow to even larger sizes, which is why they decide to do everything to stop this. <br />
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When searching for a dangerous mafia, the police quite often find themselves in unusual and comical situations for them that constantly interfere with the implementation of their undertakings. They see how Russians are very different from those people who live in America. In addition, they are constantly interested in seeing architecture and various wonders in another country where they came for the first time. It is all this that distracts the police from the task that had previously been set for them. Whether the rector of the academy with his subordinates will be able to find Konstantin and the programmer can be seen at the end. <br /> Canlı porno