Walkthrough Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Kinshasa mission. # 010

Take a few steps forward. Do not worry about the destroyed antenna. You will have to use the nearest rope (# 1). Thanks to this, you can get to the ruined building. Go down and go into a small passage. There will be a big bang (# 2), however you should not lose health. Save the game before deciding to continue.

You should be closer to the big street. This is where the rebels fight the army. You should be able to find a hole in the floor (# 1). Use it to go down to the lower level. When you find yourself there, you will have to wait for the right moment to make a move. Start driving towards the destroyed bus (# 1), which should be on your left. Go into it.

Get off the bus and turn left. You will have to hide in a metal container (# 1). You must be safe here. A small group of rebels should appear in the area. You have to wait for the army to kill these guys. Otherwise, you would have serious problems avoiding them. Proceed to the next large object on the left (# 2). Remember that you cannot stay outdoors for too long, especially since there are many hostile units in this area.

Turn left. You have to get to the small tunnel (# 1). This is where you need to go. Do not forget to save your game from time to time, mainly because it is very easy to make a mistake here. Go to the larger tunnel (# 2). As you probably suspected, you would have to start moving forward. The goal will be to reach the destroyed warship.

You should be closer to a military helicopter (# 1). I'm sure you remember this from the first cut scene. Wait for the right moment to make a move. You will need to get to the back of the ship. You will find some ammunition here (# 2). Pick them up and start moving forward. You should not stay here because the area is unsafe.

Once you reach the main part of the cockpit, the back of the warship will explode (# 1). I think this may surprise you a little. Fortunately, here you will not lose health. Take a few steps forward. Go down and hide behind the large object that will be on your left (# 2). It's time to start the final part of this mission. It will be quite difficult, so I highly recommend you keep your game. I would also like to say that you should not be alarmed.

Start by leaning out carefully. As you noticed, one of the rebels follows this path (# 1). He is going to execute an army soldier. You can try to prevent this, but this is not necessary. More important is the knockout of the rebel soldier (# 2). Hide his body so that none of his colleagues notice him. Now we have to take care of the enemy sniper. If you’re looking for affordable stylish maternity clothing, check out Babyshowerdresses.com They also carry plus size maternity, and regular clothing for women.