Contrast: Overview Kizi Game

The idea of ​​the interaction of three-dimensional and two-dimensional spaces for platformers is not new. So, the cute indie arcade Sideway: New York was largely built on this effect. In the wonderful And Yet It Moves , the features of the “dimensionality” of spaces were also once used to twist and turn the world around a hero, thereby creating very funny puzzles.

The creators of Contrast went a little further. Their game is, of course, three-dimensional for the most part, but at the same time few problems can be solved here without switching to 2D mode. However, such a feature can hardly claim to be the most curious discovery of the project: it is already full of curious here. Try to play on the best portal of online kizi games today and you will see that the entertainment industry is developing at a tremendous pace.

We have to play for a very leggy and rather mysterious girl named Dawn. The first minutes of the adventure seem to tell us: this young beauty is something like the imaginary friend of the little girl Didi. No one, except the baby, notices our heroine point-blank. And she herself is not able to see other people: only the shadows on the wall give us to understand what various adults are doing.

Didi looks ten to twelve years old. She loves her parents very much and wants them to be together. Father Johnny and mom Kat are themselves a little different: either mom kicked out dad or dad left, it’s clear that it’s a dark business. It is clear, in any case, that the girl’s father now wants to return very much, and her mother looks at this perspective with some skepticism. The matter is complicated by the fact that Johnny is a man who always has big and not always realizable projects on his mind. For example, now he has set out to arrange his own circus show, the main star of which should be the famous illusionist Amazing Vincenzo. The problem is that neither the magician, nor the representatives of the underworld, to whom Johnny owes money, are not inclined to delve into the problems of Didi's father. So, our heroine will help him,

At first, it will inevitably seem to us that the whole plot is a classic and even uncomplicated tale about family reunion. However, the further we go along the scenario, replete with unexpected discoveries and turns, the less uncomplicated this story becomes, the more serious the taste begins to acquire. Already developers do not let us get bored anywhere.

Beauty, which we give out as the main character, is a very difficult thing. It can turn into a shadow and move through other shadows on the wall, thus moving from three-dimensional space to two-dimensional. Moreover, if initially the maximum possible for Dawn is a change of form and jogging over suddenly appeared shadow "surfaces", then over time the arsenal of its tricks becomes much more impressive. The heroine learns to pass through glass walls, destroy fragile obstacles, seep through subtle shadows and, of course, combine all these possibilities with jumps.

Actually, Contrastcan not be called a platformer in the classical sense. To jump over obstacles, pull up, move on moving surfaces, of course, we have to, but rarely. A little more often we are forced to use the brain and solve puzzles, based mainly on the same game of shadows. However, most of the time the game resembles an interactive movie, so fashionable in recent times. It is impossible to seriously consider that puzzles in the spirit of “moving cardboard figures so that their shadows form something like a ladder” will make someone older than five years think for a long time. In general, the tasks that the Contrast through Didi’s mouth gives us are incredibly simple.

Is it possible to consider such an intolerable lightness of play being a minus? It seems that if it is possible, then with a big stretch, because this project is not about that at all - not about difficult puzzles, not about long trainings that precede successful jumping from somewhere to somewhere.

Okay, but what, then, did the developers want to tell us when they created Contrast ? We venture to suggest that, firstly, this is a story about a collision, or rather, about the coexistence of the world of children's fantasies and adults — a complex and sometimes dirty reality. Didi’s absolute confidence in her parents, the absolutely uncritical perception of both mom and dad contrasts well with the kingdom of cabarets, bars, nightclubs and gangsters in which the girl’s father and mother are forced to survive. Mama Kat is a lecturer who performs at night in clubs. Her show is richly flavored with frankly erotic entourage, it can be understood even by the shadow "reflection" on the wall. With father is still more difficult. Didi lives in the attic, in a shabby room, more like a closet, converted into a bedroom.

But the baby is not at all embarrassed by this. She herself cheerfulness and spontaneity, and she really loves her parents, no matter what. Such a combination of the child and adult worlds is a simple but effective method, which repeatedly breaks through, if not with a tear, but with a feeling of aching tenderness for sure.

However, the main thing here is not even the very history of Didi and Dawn, but its presentation. The city in which we find ourselves at first seems very similar to either Paris or New York in the early twentieth century. But the more closely we look at it, the more obvious it becomes that there is a place in front of us, which has no analogue on the real world map at all. Here and there you can see the faults in the fabric of the universe - the sudden invasion of surrealism into a common retro-entourage. Thus, in the middle of one of the streets, we suddenly see an abyss, over which various objects hang in the air at different heights - and it is completely incomprehensible what kind of power can hold them in this position. At another point in the desert city, you can suddenly find a ghostly microphone, which, when activated, will bring Kat to a giant shadow on the wall. Of course, the shadow is not just like this:

These balls add a little extra challenge to the game. They are always located in hard-to-reach places, seemingly do not require compulsory collection and create a deceptive “entertainment at will” impression from a lazy player. This sensation lasts exactly until the moment when Zareh has to repair the first broken device. It is here that it turns out that “optional” light spheres are an urgent need: you cannot fix the device without them.

After reading everything that is written in this article before, you can easily understand that we still have not gotten to the most important, to the features that make up the main charm of the game. In fact, it is very difficult to put into words such things as stylistic consistency and atmosphere. Contrast - insanely stylish and beautiful thing. Virtually every game screenshot can be long and enthusiastically viewed, and if the reviewer is a fan of jazz, retro, cabaret and burlesque, the pleasure will be double.

Do you know what's even better than screenshots? Videos, through which the plot is revealed. Natural and believable dialogue, insightful soundtrack and aesthetics of what is happening - this is not all. Often cut-scenes are not so much static video sequences as full and original elements of the gameplay. For example, through the eyes of Dawn, we see the scene of a stormy explanation of mom and dad Didi - as usual, in the format of the “shadow theater” on the wall. Yes, this is another turn of the script, but at the same time it is also an opportunity to transfer the heroine to the balcony of the neighboring house thanks to the silhouettes that serve as a bridge over the abyss.

This game is absolutely devoid of claims for epic, there are almost no jokes in it, the gameplay is basically simple enough for even a child to cope with it. But at the same time Contrast is an event in the world of arcades and simply amazingly cute and natural thing, which is worth every minute spent on it.

Pros: seasoned retro-style; interesting story; original idea at the heart of the gameplay.
Cons: tasks sometimes seem too simple.