Travel and vacation in Portugal

Portugal as a resort destination is relatively little known in the countries of the former Soviet Union, neighboring and larger Spain are more heard and many Russians have visited its resorts, while Portugal remained on the sidelines. But completely for nothing.
Amazing climate: steep Apennines meet here with the first ramparts of the Atlantic Ocean, creates an indescribable effect of freshness, rigidity, and at the same time, the kindness of nature. Here they make wonderful wines and delicious cognacs (they are only called differently), grow grapes and fruits. Portugal has the appeal and extraordinary charm of a country that once created the world's first intercontinental empire, and whose sailors established colonies in all parts of the world.
The country has many cultural monuments, a very beautiful classical architecture and a very high standard of living, which manifests itself in the calm and cheerful friendliness of local residents, very reminiscent of Icelanders in this regard, but more calm and a little more elaborate - after all, they are descendants of the great Portuguese empire . In Portugal there are a lot of interesting resort cities, but to tell the truth, here almost every city is a resort or can easily try on such a role for you personally. But especially interesting is Madeira, a true gem by the ocean. This is the birthplace of one of the most famous varieties of wine, and only here you can try it in its true form.
Madeira itself is a small island in the ocean very close to the coast of Portugal, on which a little less than 300 thousand people live. Just 73 kilometers to the east, there is another island called Porto Santo, a little less, but most of it is occupied by a magnificent nine-kilometer beach with organic white sand, on which landscape photographs are often taken for desktop computer screensavers. Madeira has a calm, uninterrupted, non-sultry summer: up to 29 ° C during the peak of summer heat and at least 17 ° C during the coldest winter. An island many call an island where spring reigns forever.
In the capital of Madeira, Funchal, the infrastructure of international tourism is very developed, giant local cruise liners are standing in and out of the local port, and there are more than a hundred hotels of all possible categories in the city, so you can relax here not only for multimillionaires. It is very pleasant to live and relax in the city, there is a very rich market, which makes it possible to eat the freshest and cleanest products at much lower prices and outside the hotel. Local residents speak excellent English. The city has many cathedrals from the Middle Ages, a magnificent old fortress built by first settlers near the end of the 15th century. The article is written thanks to the drug store for men viagra 100 mg where you can order online with fast delivery