The story "Krakow 1998" # 29

In the evening I dressed in a sweatshirt with spacious pockets, in which I put a pepper spray and a stun gun. There was a lot of free space, but my main problem was that the objects were not marked on the material. Inside the clothes I sew a strip of material that allows you to hide the stick and handcuffs. I attached a flashlight to my pants, which was supposed to attract attention by triggering a button in my pocket. I took the keys and left the safe house full of doubts.
 As soon as I went outside, I felt a few days ago when I was returning from an organizational meeting. Suddenly, fear seized me, prompting me to give up and return home. That was enough to just turn around, take a few steps ... No, it was too late to change. I made a decision and could not retreat, not in this case. I listened to strong feelings and began to walk along the dark streets of the city.
 I listened all the time to be ready to attack at any time. Every few minutes I put my hands in my pockets and examine my hands for objects that made me feel more confident. Although my goal was to provoke a kidnapper, the worst thing about me was that he would leave the block and I would become stupid, not knowing what to do. Since he had already abducted so many people and was still not caught, he must have had really great skills. Collision with him would be unpredictable.
 The whole city was in silence, which made me hear my nervous breath all the time. Over time, a heartbeat joined him, sounding so loudly, as if an organ was about to break out of his chest. For an hour of hectic walk, I did not find anyone. Only the dimming lights and the lights in the windows reminded us that someone lived here. Given the horror that hung over me, I returned home.
 My nerves were tense, but I didn’t even think about stopping at this attempt. The city was not so small when you walked around it. That evening I could be in a completely different place than the kidnapper. In addition, he did not have to hunt every day.
 I made extra efforts for a week, but it had no effect. During this time, I noticed only a few police patrols. I walked around the flashlight when they appeared in the distance. The meeting with the officers, of course, would not end well for me, because how to explain a walk around the city with hidden weapons? Can I tell them I want to get a hijacker? I would have considered it myself before.
 Miss Sikorska called me a few days after her daughter disappeared. Unfortunately, she did not have good news. When she went to the police station, they told her to wait and hope. Every day I lost hope of saving Yulka. I did not even know if he was still alive. She could have been killed the very day she disappeared.