Editors I Knew # 003

Under him, the Literary Palette began work.

Viktor Vasilievich was looking for new e-journalism and l

He celebrated creative people, boldly and openly giving them preference over others. When the accountant told him with insult that one non-staff correspondent receives a higher salary than her accountant’s salary, he calmly replied: “I pay a person as much as his work costs.”

For all his pragmatism, he was a romantic, a poet at heart, liked to repeat Svetlov’s lines: “Give weapons to the brave and, above all, to me.” I read, laughed pretty, rubbing my hands. His blue eyes sparkled with joy. And then, after a pause, he asked: “Is it true that non-modesty is not noticed?”

The editor was a book lover. Books acquired dozens, hundreds. Fortunately, at that time they were cheap.

Something in the character of Viktor Vasilyevich was childish, dashing. Upon learning that I was in Odessa in the courses, he rushed after me and took me to Illichivsk, where by that time he had been working to remember the Tatars. And when he went on long voyages on ships, he sent me radiograms from the open ocean.

Vladimir Ivanovich Naydenov is recalled as a man exceptionally kind and decent. His equanimity was based on self-confidence. His deputies ruled the ball, and when they buried, he put them in their place. Several times he personally ordered me materials. They were printed with due respect. I don’t know if he wrote to the newspaper himself, but what his employees wrote got a green street. I am pleased that his son went further than his father as a journalist. This is the great logic of life ...

Leonid Mikhailovich Sharag, short, thin, with probing black eyes. Dubai Escort He loved to pretend to be strict and formal, but this did not prevent him from being the soul of the company in a non-business environment. He was distinguished by a special hard work. He was meticulous in editing bands, dreamed of writing a book about the Tatars. Well, traditionally furnished a professional holiday - Press Day. Gifts, photographs, ceremonial strips of newspapers. It is gratifying that he strongly encouraged the release of the Literary Palette, which published Galina Lysaya, Valentin Gres, Larisa Pavlyuk, Vladimir Reva, and dozens of gifted people from Tatarbunarshchyna.

Galina Nikolaevna Buziyan is the first woman editor on the Tatarbunar zemp. Democratic, cute, charming, with high intelligence. She was sensitive to innovations, worked with authors, was able to arouse respect and surround herself with authority. I was impressed by the fact that she trusted her employees, staff and non-staff, to find and put materials in the room. With her, the newspaper Red Tatarbunar and dozens of other military-patriotic essays and articles were published. Humble and dishonest. Working on Odessa television, Galina spotted me and interviewed about the rebel commanders ...

Years passed, rustled by showers, flashed by fires. Remained the memory of the people who led our newspaper through difficulties to the stars. If they weren’t, "the field of life would have died out."