Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Criminal Colony - Barry and Natalie Campaign No. 2

Now go back to the main part of the plant (you will meet two enemies) and climb the stairs, then go straight and you will reach the control room, read the document and open the box, then use the panel. You will be attacked by several infected ones, destroy them, and then you will begin to search for targets, in the box you will find larvae, ammunition and a document.

In one of the cells at the end you will find a passage, change your character to Natalie and use it, inside you will find a larva that you can kill, and then go through a small corridor.

Move the car, and Barry will be able to join you, do it again to ensure further passage, but before leaving the factory, take the tool box, which is in the broken car.

Go to the tower

Move forward until you reach the bridge, next to one of the trees you will find grass. When you find yourself on a bridge, do not pass through it, but go to the closed gate, switch your character to Natalie and go through a small hole to the other side. In the grass you will find a brick, pick it up and break a castle with it. Playing as Barry, smash the box next to him.

Being in a clearing, you will find larvae at one of the branches. You can move on down to the abyss.

Find another way

After a short screen saver, enter the small shed on the right, you will find here a random object, grass and ammunition in a large building, then try to open the door.

You will be attacked by an enemy of a new type, shoot him, revealing his weaknesses, after a while a round bauble will appear - shoot at it, killing your opponent.

Go through the door (periodically pressing the action button). Head towards the light in a squatting position (watch out for the bushes that make a sound) so you can get around the enemies in the forest from behind. At first light you will find a chest, look to the left, and you will see the next ray of light, there you will find the emblem of the tower behind the barrels.

Keep going forward until you see a flickering light, behind which you will find an open box and a ruby.

In the building you will find a barrel and a larva on the wall. Go outside, from the back of the barn you will see another light, go to it.

Go through the door and then enter the house, inside you will find a document and ammunition.

Go outside on the left side of the building, knock down the castle and go down into the abyss. Sneak up and collect explosive bottles that you can use immediately on two enemies in front of you. Go left (near the gate), enter the ruined building. Inside, grab the topaz from the shelf, then grab the box. Switch the character to Natalie and go through the hole in the wall, collect grass here and open the door, and playing as Barry, move the box under the closet and collect the box with the details. Cette pilule levant particulièrement utile si toi-même avez une modalité médicale qui port votre capacité à garder un érection. Levitra prix nenni doit marche être pris chez les hommes qui ont l'angine ou bien prendre indiscutables nitrates au contraire cette condition.