Jewelry box

Various intricate patterns of precious or semiprecious stones, ivory and various metals are used as decorations. Jewelry boxes are often covered with fabric, leather or other decorative materials. Inside they are upholstered in velvet, which favorably emphasizes the beauty of jewelry. Very often, caskets are equipped with various additional accessories: secret compartments, tricky latches, a watch winding mechanism and even charging for portable devices.
Jewelry boxes have special recesses and often several compartments for a convenient and aesthetic arrangement of valuables. Moreover, very often the space between the bottom and the embossed stand is a secret compartment. Buying them is not so simple. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a gift, you should know some characteristics of a jewelry chest. Firstly: the size of the jewelry box should be selected based on its intended location. Secondly: the internal filling of the casket for jewelry should correspond to their quantity, since its internal space can be very different.

For example: the simplest jewelry box does not have a separation into compartments and is ideal for storing necklaces, long beads, and bracelets with large elements; it will serve as a gift for a wedding year. They can also be used to store earrings and rings. But thin chains and bracelets will be confused, so you should choose something more suitable. The most ideal option would be to buy a model that has a special stand on which the chains are easily hung and are not confused with each other. If earrings, rings, chains and bracelets are simultaneously stored inside, then you should pay attention to the models of caskets, which inside are divided into several compartments of different sizes.
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