Turkey's hidden treasures that will take your breath away

In addition to the most famous places in Turkey, there are a number of lesser known, but no less important and admirable ones. Let's visit some of them together!

Mount Nemrut
Mount Nemrut can be found near Adiyaman in Southeast Anatolia. She is often visited, especially between April and October. In 1987, it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Particularly noteworthy is its artificially constructed mound, built in 62 BC. Antiochus I, ruler of the kingdom of Commagines. This was to be a tribute to the gods, which was complemented by gigantic statues of lions and eagles, among which were Greek, Armenian and Iranian gods. Unfortunately, today they are damaged and their heads fell, but this is an important monument. A very advanced technology was used for their construction. The ruins of the ancient city, including the mausoleum of Antioch I, are certainly among the most ambitious buildings of the Hellenistic period.

Ace Gulu Lake
The Salt Lake Tuz Gölü is located in the Anatolian Highlands, between the provinces of Ankara, Konya and Aksaray. This is the second largest lake in Turkey (after Lake Van) is also one of the largest lakes with a high salt content. Despite the large area, most of the year is shallow. In the dry summer months, water evaporates and the lake is covered with a thick layer of salt. Salt is mined on the east coast. Then it is processed and sold in the local market.

Lake Van
Lake Van is located on the Armenian plateau between the provinces of Van and Bitlis in eastern Turkey. It has no flow, but several rivers flow into it. Since its other shore is mostly not visible, it is actually perceived as a sea. In addition, it is salty, and its water is very alkaline, which gives you a special feeling of “soap washing” when bathing. According to legend, a monster lives here, a kind of East Turkish equivalent of Scottish Nessie.
Sumela Monastery
The male Orthodox monastery was partially built and partially carved in the stone wall of Mount Mela in Altinder National Park, southeast of Trabzon. It was founded by two Greek monks. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and rebuilt several times. You can see several chapels, monks' cells, an aqueduct or a library. Its unique location overlooking the surrounding forests and mountains is a popular tourist attraction. However, the entire protected valley around it is one of the rainiest areas in Turkey. You can be sure that the weather will have a big impact on your trip. $10 minimum deposit casino