Tips for completing the game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. Universal Petroleum Missions: The Fatal Patrol and Leave No Trace

Doom Patrol

After completing the phone call, ask Fiona about FLAV. After that, you will get the coordinates of the base of the Venezuelan partisans.

Ask Ivan (who will already be on your team) about Eve, Mrs. Mechanic, too.
First go to her garage.

You must make a test drive by car. Get in the car that is parked next to the garage.

Just drive through the next checkpoints. After a while, you can jump - by clicking the left mouse button.

You will be ordered to enter the quarry, and the distance will become more difficult to overcome. Some roads are blocked by stones. Use boosts to jump them. Do the same when you need to cover the abyss or stay away from falling barrels and pipes.

I recommend that you use the jump as the best way to avoid tanks that you are likely to encounter. In the end, you will get to the garage of Eve. Leave the car in the garage and get out of it.

Leave no trace

This mission can be taken on the basis of Uni-Pet. First you need to go to the factory to make an appointment with a prisoner businessman. Kill all the guys who are next to the road. Then enter the building these guys attacked. You will find your mission object there - a businessman. Talk to him.

Now you need to escort him to a warehouse in the south. Enter the marked area and wait for the businessman to approach you. Then your comrade will go inside - now you have to cover him. An indicator will appear on the screen that shows the health status of the building. Do your best to keep the building in good condition.

I recommend that you take a position on the pedestrian bridge over the asphalt. This is a really good point. If you are going to go there, it is better to have grenades - they are very useful.

Nothing prevents the use of a machine gun, which is located on the ground, but remember that the enemy will come to you from the north and south.

When all the documents from the warehouse are burned, escort the businessman to the building in the north. I suggest you take a vehicle. Move with him to the marked area. He will go inside the building, and you must take a good defensive position. I suggest using a heavy machine gun or grenade launcher from the second floor of the building, inside which is a businessman.

Soon, Fiona will tell you about the airborne assault with heavy equipment. Climb to the roof of the tower and take ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles. Use them to attack helicopters that try to kill you.

When the businessman notifies you that all documents have been burned, get off (make sure you have a gun) and kill each soldier. Then quickly find the vehicle and get out of there. Go to the Uni-Pet base.

Payment: $ 995,000 pussy888