Tips for completing the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Quest "Alduin’s Trouble" # 001

On this guide page for TES V: Skyrim, you will find the walkthrough of the initial part of the main quest Alduin's Bane. The character must find a way to read Elder Scroll. The reward for this action will be the acquisition of a new Shout - Dragonrend.

New main goal: to read the “Scroll of the Elder” in a temporary wound

Before you can read the Ancient Scroll, you must leave the Mzark Tower. Fortunately, you don’t have to cross Blackreach and the underground ruins again, as you can use the elevator in the eastern part of the tower. Interact with the lever and wait until you are brought to the surface. Pull another lever there that previously blocked access to the elevator from the outside.

Note: before you decide to continue this quest, stock up on potions and increase the fire resistance of your character. After that, open the world map and use a quick journey to get to the Mountain of the World. Listen to a new conversation with Paarthurnax and get into Time-Wound. Open inventory, select Elder Scroll and press E to read it.

New main goal: learn Dragon Rand's cry from the heroes of Nord

A longer cut scene will begin, during which you can only look around. You will become witnesses of events from the past, as the heroes of Nord managed to bring Alduin to the ground and accidentally send him to the future. The most important part of a cinematic film will, of course, be the study of three new words of power, namely, the word power - mortal, dragon rank, the word power - finite, the dragon and the word power - temporary dragon. Therefore, you will unlock Dragon Rift Cry.

This TES V: Skyrim manual page contains a step-by-step guide for the boss fight against Alduin's dragon. Walkthrough refers to the confrontation that occurs during Alduin's Bane's main quest, shortly after unlocking Dragonrend's scream.

New primary goal: defeat Alduin

After the video ends, you should notice that in the meantime Alduin has reached the "Mountain of the World." You need to prepare for the battle with this dragon, press TAB, select Magic and set Dragonrend as active (it is also worth adding it to your favorites). Most of the facts about this battle are that you can't hurt Alduin while he's in the air, so don't even waste time and supplies. The key to success is using Dragonrend Shout, which allows you to temporarily lower Alduin to the ground.

Make sure you have Dragonrend active and wait for the right moment to use it. This is best done when Alduin flies to you or when he briefly stops in the air. Hold Z to use Shout to its fullest. If you managed to hit Alduin, a blue glow will appear around him. Otherwise, you have to wait until the scream is restored, and try again. This is of course an additional complication, as long as it is restored, you will be defenseless against dragon attacks. Therefore, you should try to succeed with as many screams as possible. pozyczki od 18 lat bez zaswiadczen