Tips for completing the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Ugly Love quest

Tips for completing the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Ugly Love quest

Where to start the quest: Calm Watchman
Person giving the quest: Dumrag Gro-Morrgh

In the tavern you can meet a mercenary orc who will tell you about how a group of other mercenaries attacked him. His wife is now imprisoned, and he barely survived the battle. He asks you to help him find his wife - go to the castle and ask the nobles if they know anything about this incident.

Talk to Affana and you will learn interesting things about Simund.

When you are inside the castle, you should go to the banquet hall (next to the throne room) and talk to Affana Eddici. A woman tells you that one of the nobles is recruiting mercenaries. She recommends you read his diary and give you the key to his room. In exchange, she asks you to leave her note there.

Agree, it will be easier for you.

You should now head to the Wing of the Reception. Go to the closed door and use the key. Then you have to go and take Simund's diary. You should also leave a note of Affana there. After that, you should return to the main hall and talk with Rinyar. Convince him that you are working for a good cause, and he will go to check his registries. Wait for him, and when the man returns, he will confirm your suspicions about Simund.

Now you must go to Dumrag and tell him about everything that you learned. The Orc will not believe you that Simund is responsible for the ambush. He tells you to go to his mansion and collect potential evidence. The mansion is located in the mountains, east of Broome. When you approach the mansion, a guard attacks you. After the battle, you must enter the building and defeat another guard. Then you have to go up. Take the letter from the table, which confirms the guilt of Simund.

Destroy the barrel and go down.

Return to Dumrag and the orc will get angry. He wants you to go with him to Simund's house and take revenge on him. Return to the orc mansion. Dumrag finds a hatch during his search. Destroy the barrel and go down.

The end of this awkward situation is up to you.

The discovery that you make is really worth something - Simund and Damrag's wife have a novel. After the fuss, the orc will ask you what to do. You can tell him to forget about his revenge, order him to kill Simund or say that he must make a choice himself (in this case, he kills both characters). After choosing, you get a reward from Dumrag, and the quest ends.