Tips for completing LEGO The Hobbit - Passing quests 60-80 # 1

Quest 60 - Little Orc Lost

Location: Troll Dwellings

Passage: the starting point of this quest is a seemingly inaccessible island located south of the main part of the dwellings of the trolls and west of the Karadras pass. There are several ways to get to the island, but I recommend that you approach it from the north. Take the upper path and get to the raised drawbridge (it was marked as a bridge on the map attached to this chapter). Switch to a character with a slingshot and shoot at the target. The puzzle solution was presented in the screenshot above - there should be a green circle above the goal on the left, red above the goal in the middle and a green circle above the right.

Cave entrance

Go south. You need to find a well-hidden cave entrance and take it. Jump here and go to the lost orc, who will ask for your help when leaving the cave.

Reward: LEGO Mithril Brick

Quest 61 - The Lost Warg of the Poor Orc

You need to jump to the found warg
Location: Troll Dwellings

Passage: Orc will ask you to find the lost warg. To do this, go north and take the lowered drawbridge. You will find the warg on the upper path, and you need to go up to it and jump onto its back. Finally, hit the road to the quest giver.

Note. If the drawbridge is still raised, jump down and go to the location of the warg. A way to lower the bridge was provided in completing quest 60.

Quest 62 - Everyone Loves Gorillas

Gorilla outfit

Location: Karadras Pass

Walkthrough After you try to talk with a sleeping troll, it turns out that he dreams of a gorilla, which means that you need to wear the appropriate outfit. You need to go to the Character Adjuster in Esgaroth, which was marked on the ma world attached to this chapter (black dot “Mod” in the eastern part of the map). Once you get to the store, log in and start shopping. You need to buy Hat gorillas - 1,500 studs and Body gorillas - 2,000 studs. Switch to the modified character and return to the quest giver.

Quest 63 - Battle Quota

Entrance to the arena

Location: Moria

Passage: in the arena there is a quest giver who needs to cross a fairly large gate. The dwarf asks you to destroy a large group of orcs, and immediately after the conversation ends, the battle begins. In total, you need to defeat 30 orcs, so make sure you switch to a character who is good at short range combat.

Reward: LEGO Mithril Brick