Tips for completing Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Mission: Go to the tower - continued # 1

Head towards the blue gate through the exit from the tunnel.

Outside, turn a little to the right, where you will find cartridges in a box, next to the grill. Then go to the blue gate. Along your path, collect an empty bottle and gunpowder.

Past the gate, cross the open passage between the bars. Right through it, get ready for battle with two opponents that will surprise you. Unfortunately, you do not have much room for maneuvers, and you need to shoot at them in the usual way or, throwing a bottle with a smoke screen in advance, pick them up from behind and destroy them helpless. After you defeat them, enter the building.

To get the enemy from behind, you need to wait a bit, but the advantage of a stealth attack is worth it.

Go downstairs inside. Like Natalie, find the enemy behind the wall and try to enter when he turns away from you. Thanks to this, it will be possible to shoot it from behind and eliminate it silently. Inside you will find a map of the city and clothes. Climbing the stairs, watch for another enemy - again, it is better to wait until he turns away from you than to start an open battle.

If you have a Pedro drill, you can drill a door at the top level of the building.
NOTE: If you killed Pedro on Claire’s side, you can deal with this situation a little differently. Immediately after entering the building, get to the top floor. Using a drill, drill a door (there is an insect larva inside). You can still go back down or jump into a nearby building through a hole in the wall (after you collect Magnum ammunition). There you meet another enemy and you find yourself in a large vault behind the next door - after that the game becomes identical.

In a narrow passage outside (see. Screenshot) you will meet another mutant. It is still possible to quickly get it from behind, preferably leaving the lid quickly. You must be very fast, because the enemy turns away only for a short time. After you kill him, take the open door inside.

A good idea is to fight in front of the entrance, where you are out of reach of shells.
If you thought this was the end of your problems, you are mistaken. Inside, you encounter a mutant that is larger than usual, which launches small explosive monsters. Fortunately, the mini-boss is not too energetic, so you can easily kill him at a greater distance. However, first you need to deal with two ordinary monsters that are likely to rush in your direction. Staying close to the door, you can easily remove them from the automatic rifle.

Using a sniper rifle is the most reliable way to eliminate monsters.
The time to deal with the giant comes at the end of the battle. Being behind the doorway, you do not need to worry about its attack, because you are out of reach. If you haven't used a sniper rifle yet, this is the perfect moment to do it now. It may not be so easy to hit him on the head, but it is possible - in this case, only two shots are enough to safely enter the room.