Tips for outdoor activities in the Dominican Republic - the most beautiful beaches and unspoilt nature

Clear water and luxurious beaches are not the only things the Dominican Republic has to offer. You can dive, snorkel, visit local attractions and enjoy family activities and a vibrant nightlife.

Dominican Republic hides the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some look like catalog covers and have sand that looks like white powder, clear water and tall palm trees. Others are full of pebbles or surrounded by dense mangroves. If you prefer a calm sea, go to the south or east coast, which is characterized by shallow shores and calm water.
The north is notable for wind and big waves, and mostly water sports enthusiasts will choose it. The most beautiful beaches include Bavaro on the east coast, Bacardi near Samana, southern Bayahibe and northern Cabarete with high waves.
Scuba diving and diving
The clear waters of the Caribbean Sea allow you to watch the rich underwater life. During diving, you will discover underwater caves and wrecks. The most popular diving sites are the north coast between Isabella and Monte Cristi, the Cabarete area in the north and the eastern tip of the Samana Peninsula. You can enjoy shallow water, which is suitable for snorkeling and deep diving.

An unforgettable experience - a trip to the El Limon waterfall, located near the city of the same name on the Samana Peninsula. A waterfall more than 50 meters high is surrounded by lush greenery and a stormy landscape. The Salto de Jimenoa Uno waterfall, flowing out of the cliff, is also beautiful. The 40-meter Salto de Jimenoa Dos Waterfall is accessible via several suspension bridges.

In an area called Harabokoa you can go rafting or canyoning. Wild Dominican rivers are ideal for canyoning.

The Dominican Republic is famous for its virgin nature, not its cultural heritage. But even here you will find several attractions. Primada de America, built in the 16th century, is the oldest cathedral in America. It combines several styles, a baroque altar, a Renaissance chapel and a Gothic roof.
Another attraction is the La Aurora cigar factory, known to people all over the world. Learn more about the history of this place and see the whole process of making cigars.
Night life
The Dominican Republic is known for its rich nightlife. Spend all night until morning in local restaurants, cafes, bars and discos. Most likely, you will meet the popular merengue dance, which belongs to island folklore.