Tips for completing the game Medal of Honor: Airborne. Operation Neptune # 005

This time you have to blow up a very large antenna. It will be located on the roof of the second bunker, so it will be very similar to the previous one (with an observation tower), mainly because you will spend a lot of time inside the bunker trying to get to the roof. The first part of this task will be more difficult, because the entrance to the bunker is well protected. However, you should not encounter any serious problems here, especially since the Allied soldiers will try to help you get inside.

An approach:

You can try to land near the main bunker, but it will be very risky, and you will have to deal with a lot of enemy units at the same time. As a result, it would be better to land elsewhere so that you can plan your next movements more carefully. You have already considered the possibility of choosing this area, trying to collect weapons M18. Do not worry if this seems like a long journey, because you will not immediately meet large groups of enemy units.

Reaching your goal:

Important! You will need to land to the right of the parachute to receive the Skill Drop Bonus. This should not be a big problem. Be careful. This building is guarded by one of the enemy soldiers. He will probably appear here very soon, so you should choose a machine gun from your inventory. If not, head to the left room and launch a surprise attack.

You can finally move on to your primary goal. Start from the southwest. Next you have to turn north. You should not be confronted with any hostile units here, however I still recommend that you stay away and stay away from hazardous areas. Some of the Allied soldiers are fighting nearby, but you do not need to help them. Focus only on your task.

You should reach a much larger area very soon. It leads directly to the building with the antenna. You cannot stay outdoors for obvious reasons. Instead, try to hide behind one of the sandbags. It would also be nice to kill a few soldiers before moving on. Do not pay attention to the post of a heavy machine gun. We will deal with this problem later during the mission. Fortunately, there are many Allied soldiers here, so you don’t have to worry about being attacked from behind.

I highly recommend you attack enemy soldiers from the right flank. To do this, you will need to run to the northeast. Want your destination wedding in Dubai be the day you remember the whole life? We’ll make your dream come true! Luxury beach blessing ceremony, or romantic yacht wedding in Dubai – whatever you choose, it will be a perfect affair!