S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl. X18 - Assignment # 002

To your left is a small corridor. You must be extremely careful there. This area is guarded by two mutants (# 1). I highly recommend you kill them from a long distance. Try to aim at their heads. Allowing them to make the jump very often means a quick death, but you can also try to dodge their attack (# 2). You do not have to explore this tunnel. Most importantly, the mutants are dead.

I highly recommend you check all adjacent rooms (# 1). Make sure you open all the cabinets. You will find many grenades and first-aid kits. There is also a machine gun with a grenade launcher. Take it off and you can use it with your weapon. You will also meet the Monolith Costume (# 2). Do not look at the low price. This is much better armor, so exchange it for your Stalker costume.

Now you will need to find a small corridor that leads to the unexplored area (# 1). This is where the mutants appeared, but this time we are moving in a different direction. Keep going straight. Turn right. You will stumble upon a room filled with fire traps (# 2). I would recommend to study it, because you will find several valuable artifacts here. Also check the body for additional consumables.

You can go to the next area. You need to find a room with a dead scientist (# 1). Check out his body. Once you have received the combination for the door, return to the main room (this was described in the second quest of this location). After opening the door, use the stairs to go down to the lower floor (# 2). I would recommend you save your game.

Do not worry about other objects that will fly to your character. Focus all your attention on preventing dangerous anomalies, especially since some of them will move. You need to find a room with many interesting artifacts (# 1). After that, use the nearest staircase to go down to the lower level (# 2). Save your game again, because there is another mutant nearby, and you will have to kill this creature.

The mutant must stand at the other end of this large room. You can try to kill him with your machine gun. If you decide to choose this method, you have to aim at his head (# 1). Although there is an easy way to kill him. On the left you will find an RPG. Pick up a rocket launcher and use it to get rid of the monster. Once this is done, check the body of the scientist to get the code. You can also check out the rest of the room. Here you can find some interesting things (# 2).

As soon as you open the second door (see Quest description 3), you will find yourself in the last room of this complex. This is where the creature boss is hiding. Before we continue the struggle, you will need to pick up the documents, because that is why you came. Use the ladder (# 1). On the right you will find the documents (# 2). SAVE THE GAME! And here they give such types of games as applications and online friv games on http://www.friv1000games.org According to various researches such games as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle friv could help you to avoid dementia and forgetfulness.