Surprise for a colleague on his birthday

A birthday is a holiday that is both funny and sad at the same time. But in order not to be sad, people give each other presents. It’s easier for relatives to pick up gifts, because we know a lot about their tastes and needs, but with colleagues it’s more difficult.

We know our colleagues to a greater extent only on the basis of the fact that we work together, and it will be difficult to guess with something individual and personal. Therefore, it is recommended to pick up cool greetings to colleagues for their birthday. Usually people are afraid to deviate from the rules and come up with something interesting and unique in order to surprise the birthday boy, so it’s a cool and original gift that will be remembered for many years (for a year ahead, for sure).

First of all, one cannot but consider the possibility of holding a special corporate holiday in honor of the hero of the day. You can organize a small congratulatory concert in which all employees will participate. We can say with confidence that no one expects such a surprise, and each birthday person would be pleased with such an original congratulation.

Recently, impression gifts have also become very popular - a trip to an entertainment institution of various types, a trip, a beauty salon for women, a ticket for hunting or fishing in the most popular lake or river of the district - for men, etc. It is already fashionable to fantasize as you want. For what is enough money and enthusiasm, it is fashionable to give.

The third option is simpler, but also interesting and fascinating. Not all people love traveling or going to entertainment venues, and what to give to them is a question. You can make a thing where either a photo of the birthday person will be depicted, or some bright moment in the life of the collective. It is possible to perpetuate such an image on a T-shirt, cup, watch, magnet, a huge poster, etc. Printing publications will help you choose this option, which will emphasize the beauty of your photo, and will be appreciated by a birthday person.

From these three options, you can choose something for both a male colleague and a female colleague.

But if you consider separately what gifts you can give both the fair and strong sex, then this is already a little easier. You can give a man something memorable from souvenirs or just learn more about his hobbies in more detail, and then build on that. And a woman is a perfume, accessories, cosmetics, etc. A woman is the mistress of the house, so you can give something that will come in handy in the house.

But do not be banal when reading a congratulation to a woman colleague, do not give for your birthday what everyone can give. Show at least a little imagination and logic, then you will definitely come up with something that the birthday man will remember for life! new project in kl