Call of Juarez: Gunslinger: Friv Overview

After the failure of The Cartel, the authors of the Call of Juarez series decided to end the experiments with a change in the setting and returned to the roots - in the American outback of the second half of the 19th century. True, now this is a completely different Wild West: here you will not find the heroes of the past parts - the McCall brothers; the gameplay is noticeably different from what we saw earlier; and the Chrome Engine 5 graphics engine uses full force shading technology. Actually, this is all that was known about the new Techland project until recently - apparently, the publishers decided that they would closely monitor the project without too much PR. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Release took place unnoticed, becoming an event only for fans of the series who did not lose hope of seeing the game at the level of the first two parts.

1910. The Wild West is not at all as wild as it was only a quarter century ago. The battles with the Indians, the difficult development of new lands, bandits of all stripes and legalists, shootings, loud robberies of trains and banks, escapes from prisons - all this is in the past. Heroes of bygone days have long become characters in cheap books and theatrical productions, and you don’t understand where the truth is, but where is the fiction in the stories about their exploits. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

On a quiet, unremarkable evening, a middle-aged man came into one of the saloons of the town of Abilene, Kansas - take a break after a long journey, skip a glass or two and chat with random acquaintances. They were only welcomed by an uninvited guest - a young man by the name of Dwight immediately recognized him as the hero of his beloved westerns, bounty hunter Silas Greaves, and did not fail to take the opportunity to hear the story of his life firsthand. And Greaves himself was not opposed to a leisurely conversation - he had something to tell about, and the few visitors to the saloon turned out to be attentive listeners ...

The Gunslinger story is the memory of a former bounty hunter who, for his eventful life, met almost all the classic heroes of the Wild West - fromBilly Kid and Pat Garrett to Butch Cassidy and his Wild Gang. He was friends with one of them, he was at enmity with someone, and some even fell at the hands of Greaves. However, even Dwight, who adores westerns and knows by heart the adventures of his beloved hero, does not fully believe this.

Each level is a short story, in the center of which one of the legends of that time is, as a rule, another criminal or gang. At first, Greaves’s story is not at all impressive - the missions are practically unconnected, and their characters are shown casually and do not have time to reveal themselves in all their glory in order to at least somehow interest the player. But then you start to notice a non-standard plot presentation and you realize that
The longer the story goes, the stronger Silas hops, and his story becomes more confused and more and more like the drunken fables of an old man who no longer understands where reality is and where fiction is. Sometimes listeners interrupt him, noticing absolutely gross inaccuracies, or Greaves himself, recollecting himself, corrects himself. Depending on the story, the game also changes - the locations are rebuilt right before our eyes, the opponents disappear or appear, sometimes we even have to go back in time and go through half the level again to show the important moment that Silas missed. This is done so skillfully that a typical, in fact, shooter looks exactly like the hoppy tales of a skilled talker. You don’t take these tales seriously, the interlocutors of the protagonist are also skeptical Shoot first.

If the developers were able to show originality in terms of the plot (more precisely, its presentation), then with the gameplay everything is not so rosy. Unfortunately, it’s worth recognizing that as a Gunslinger shooteris its worst variety - the very shooting gallery that abounded long before the appearance in action movies of clever opponents, various weapons and other components of a good action. Enemies here act as targets, whose only purpose is to appear around the corner at the right time and start firing at the player without interruption. Their brains are enough only to use shelters far from the best and to make short dashes without worrying about their own lives. But there are many enemies - by the end of his story, Greaves will send as many people to the outside world as they did not kill, perhaps all the bandits of the Wild West taken together.

But if you do not build unnecessary illusions and from the very beginning relate to Gunslingeras to a shooting range, even from the uniform process of shooting hordes of bandits and Indians, you can squeeze a bit of pleasure. The shootings do not suffer from excessive hardcore, but they look quite cheerful, and the self-shading graphics with deliberately caricature fountains of blood from successful hits only enhance the dynamics of what is happening on the screen. True, already after a couple of missions, the variety in armament begins to be sorely missed: the main character fights with pistols, a rifle and a shotgun, occasionally using dynamite checkers. But there is nothing to be done about it - the setting leaves no particular choice.

Developers are trying to get out by adding “slow-mo” and “pumping” to the game. Concentration mode slows down time and highlights enemies, allowing them to leave dry from the water in the most hopeless situations. The development system offers three specializations: the ranger loves long-range weapons, the hunter can get additional armor and skillfully handles the sawn-off shotgun, and the shooter prefers shootings using two revolvers at once. Those who want to learn the skill they like as soon as possible will have to sweat - not so much experience falls for ordinary killings, but getting into the head, successful use of dynamite drafts, well-aimed shooting at moving targets and other manifestations of shooting skills bring noticeably more “exp” . But they do not have any strong influence on the gameplay;

A duel with another Wild West hero completes almost every chapter. It has its own rules and features - for example, you can grab a weapon ahead of time, but this technique is worthy of only a coward and brings much less points. If you shoot honestly, then the player will get additional experience - in case of victory, of course. For those who were particularly fond of the one-on-one confrontations, the authors provided for a separate duel regime, for the passage of which it is necessary to win in fifteen fights, having only five “lives” in reserve. Another mode, "Arcade", offers to go through familiar locations in order to score as many points as possible for killing opponents.

The artists who worked on the project deserve special praise. Drawn screensavers between missions, "business cards" of "bosses" in a comic style - everything is done at a high level. The language does not turn to say that the creators decided to save on commercials, on the contrary - it’s far from the fact that with their help it would be possible to achieve the same sensations that these drawings provoke. The scenery is also made with love of detail. But the design of the levels let us down - most of them are a corridor without branches, which can be run from end to end, distracted only by the search for secrets that open cards with a small illustrated reference about a celebrity or an important event of that time.

Gunslinger , despite returning to the usual setting for the series, turned out to be much less similar to the first two parts than The Cartel . They decided to completely abandon the multiplayer, and the short story (the campaign can be completed in a few hours) was replaced by the short story of the former bounty hunter, scraps of narrative about famous people from the era of the American frontier, who replaced the multiplayer.

They are the bandits and murderers, sheriffs and legalists - the main characters of the game. For those who want to get to know the history of the Wild West, Gunslingerskipping is definitely not worth it. Longtime Western fans are also advised to pay attention to it - games in such a setting do not appear as often as we would like. And, in the end, where else will there be the opportunity to try your luck in a duel with the most famous arrows of America?

Pros: unusual presentation of the plot, fully conveying the atmosphere of the Wild West; nice graphic design.
Cons: stupid opponents; shootings resemble a shooting gallery; hallway level design.