The magic of bodyflex: myth or reality?

“Want to be slim without diets?” Tighten the body without shedding seven sweats? "- I heard such calls more than once when advertising another miraculous remedy, but time passed, which put everything in its place, and I understood that there are no miracles ...

In my youth (I’m now 45 years old) what I just didn’t do: I tried fasting days, some diets, different types of gymnastics, I did jogging, but there were no special successes in losing weight. It’s not that I set such a goal for myself, but it was very difficult for me to lose weight.

And somehow I heard about such a weight loss technique as body flex, which with the help of special isotonic exercises and special breathing promised weight loss, toned muscles, energy, and even getting rid of colds. “This is probably another illusion,” I thought.

By the way, I was still very often ill with colds, I was diagnosed with tracheitis, with a cold I was suffocated by a terrible cough, the appearance of which I was afraid of like fire.

And I decided to do this miracle - gymnastics, which was invented by the American housewife Greer Childers. She herself, doing body flex, lost weight from 56 to 44 sizes. It was hard for me to believe that by doing some kind of static exercise for only 15 minutes a day, without restricting myself to eating, I could achieve such excellent results.

I decided to experiment - get acquainted with this technique in practice. However, rather, it was an attempt to debunk the “myth” about the magic of body flex. Having written down the number from which I began to practice, having written down all my initial parameters, I began to do this gymnastics.

For reference: bodyflex works as if on two fronts: it burns fats with the help of special breathing and tightens muscles with the help of isotonic exercises. “Special” breathing refers to a certain organization of inspiration and expiration, with the emphasis being on a 10-second delay in breathing, as a result of which the cells of the body prepare for the most active assimilation of oxygen during subsequent inspiration. And this is the secret of the “magic” of this technique - the rush of oxygen to the cells of the body makes the fats actively break down, thereby releasing additional energy, leaving extra weight, and improving well-being and mood.

So, I started my experiment, not really hoping for any changes in my appearance and well-being. However, the result exceeded all my expectations! For a month (without any diet), I lost 3 kg, on the 5th floor I began to take off in the literal sense of the word. Now I have been doing this gymnastics for two and a half years, once (!) Having been in the hospital with a cold, while before 2-3 times a year I was seriously ill.

For myself, I have identified several conditions that must be observed when doing bodyflex:

1) Attitude is important - try to retire and tune in to a fairly calm rhythm of exercise.

2) Do not follow a diet - Greer Childers herself emphasizes this, however, urging women to limit fried foods and not overeat in the evenings.

3) The regularity of exercises is the third and most important condition for successful body-flexing exercises.

These are the results that were personally impressive to me personally, I got, with the goal of exposing the deceivers. Maybe one of you, dear women, will be inspired by my story, and bodyflex will also become your lifesaver? Join now! new zealand online casinos