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What I Wore

This past week I did manage to get out a bit. Unfortunately my memory card decided it would rather go to that place in the sky  than allow me to get my  outfit pictures off of it. As a result of the memory card’s untimely demise I only have two to show from my new […]

What I Wore

 Last week I ventured out a bit. That was the good part. The bad part is that I only had time to really pull out my tripod once and not to mention one of my all around lenses has been broken so you will have to deal with blurry camera and mirror photos. Sorry *shrugs* […]

What I Wore This Week

Not a lot to see here. Stayed close to home last week. Have you seen the gas prices? Not to mention I forgot to get outfit pics from the weekend. Next week I’ll do better…maybe Did get out to a screening of Hotel Transylvania. Review to come. I wore. Blouse/Jeans/Belt/Earrings/Bracelet: Thrifted  Necklace: Kohl’s  Shoes: Gap