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My New Favorite Tuckernuck Dress

May 29, 2023

One thing to know about me, I’m going to get dressed.

I added a new dress to my collection from Tuckernuck and I’m absolutely smitten with it. It’s super lightweight, easy to throw on and go, it has pockets, and most importantly as a popped collar girl, the collar speaks to me. I will say it is sheer as I’m sure it is more or less meant to be a coverup but since I do what I want, I’m going to be wearing it as a dress a whole lot this season, also on the website the piping appeared more red, but it’s really more of a dark salmon pink.

Tuckernuck Pink Salt Lizzie Coverup



Rested & Refreshed

August 17, 2022

I took the summer off. It was the decision I didn’t know I needed to make until I leaned into it.

So good.

I spent the summer lying around, chilling in the pool, reading books, and doing whatever my heart desired…within reason.

I’m on the other side well rested, optimistic, and just feeling good.

I spent a great deal of time pondering how to show up creatively and authentically on my platforms. I love this creative outlet, but not really feeling where social media has gone. Good thing is I have come to realize that I can stay true to myself. I may not grow a huge following, but I’ll always have this community that I love so much as well as a creative outlet for myself when I feel up to it.

While I was gone a few things major happened, the one that has me like did this just happen is my son got his drivers license. I’m not sure how we got here and so fast.


The children have gone back to school, our oldest just started nursing school, Adrian Jr. is now in 11th grade, and baby Addison is pulling up the rear in the 7th grade.

As a result of me taking some time off, there are many house projects around here that have been neglected but are now works in progress. First up is primary bedroom. We are looking to have it painted and the flooring replaced. Because we are going with hardwood, I want it painted first and that should happen within the next two weeks, hopefully sooner. Once I have a firm date on the paint then I can schedule the floors.

Then there are so many other projects around here that need attention and we’ll get to them. My plan is to document here as well as on my socials.

Speaking of…I finally joined TikTok. I’ve made it more of a style diary sharing my outfits almost daily and working to build some affiliate income over there. I’ll be adding in some additional content as it feels natural. My confession is I like it better over there, no worries I won’t be ditching Instagram like I did Snapchat!

As always, thank you for being a part of this community!


Highlight Living

Catching Up

May 18, 2022

Coming back to this space more frequently to write,  air my grievances, share my purchases, what I wore, and document my life is something that while high on my priority list hasn’t been made a priority as I continue to navigate a pretty strange world that is slowly presenting itself as our new normal.

I started this journal in August of 2010 as a 31 year old SAHM of a 4 year old and a 3 month old. Well I’m now 43 and they are 16 and 12 and I am grateful to my core that I took the time to document our lives then because this has become a window through which to peek back at our past life.

Life has shifted, I’m entering my mid-40s and would love nothing more than to document this next stage of our lives, and most of all my own personal growth. I’ve never felt more grounded, beautiful, confident, and rooted in who I am as I do now and I think that realization deserves a little documenting as well!

Over the past twelve years I gave my family every bit of me, I still continue to do so but in a different capacity that is allowing me to move differently. I used to think everyone was passing me by because I wasn’t interested in giving my everything to blogging or social media because what was happening at home was always my priority and I was never willing to put them aside for my dreams. Whether that was the right decision or not, I know it was the right one for our family.


What I’m Wearing | Bracelets: Link bracelet / Thick Gold Bangle | Shirt: thrifted | Leggings: Target affiliate | Shoes “similar” :Target affiliate | Necklace: an heirloom from my Mama | Glasses: Prada (they are prescription with transitions)

 I now understand that I wasn’t behind, I was just building a solid foundation and now it’s time for me to build! My family is settled, happy, and mostly self-sufficient and I feel good about chasing my dreams with a new fervor because MY truth is the dream is always there, but the children aren’t always small and it’s really hard to erect anything on a shaky foundation.

My goal is to show up here at least twice a week, share with you my journey to opening a storefront for Unlikely Market, ramble, show you what I bought, what I’m wearing, what I’m reading and just share whatever is on my mind. There’s a gap missing in content around women with older children that in my opinion feels natural and authentic and I want nothing more than to fill that void in my own special way! I enjoy content that is not always centered around luxury or perfectionism but just good ole regular damn life. 

School is just about out for summer and I have a break from being a daily chauffeur and cook. I’m hoping to create a new habit of writing here that I make space for when the craziness picks up again in the fall. 

I hope you’ll hold me accountable and follow along. If you aren’t following me already, I share my daily happenings on Instagram. Give me a follow for all of the crazy behind the scenes moments in my life!

See you soon!


Happy Fall Y’all | What I’m loving for the Season

September 22, 2021

After a real rocky start to this month, its like the first day of fall knew I needed to feel seasonal temps while observing a few rogue leaves blow across my yard to know its real. I love fall, hands down it’s my favorite time of the year for a multitude of reasons.  I’ve already scheduled our annual trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch, I’ve started picking up a few fall items for our home and for my wardrobe. We’ll be heading to Asheville at the end of October and just doing some of the fun fall things we didn’t get to do last year. This season is so fleeting so I intend to savor every bit of it.

I’ve been feeling a pull to come back to this corner of the internet, it really is like my little home where I can look back at who I’ve become over the years. I’m committing to coming here at least once a week on Wednesdays to share with you what I’m buying, wearing, baking, growing, cooking, etc. This space is another way I can connect with this community that I adore so much, so I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter and share in the bits of my life that I share here.

My fall porch isn’t completed, I still need to pick up a few items for the house, but hopefully after our trip to the pumpkin patch Friday, I’ll have all the mums and pumpkins my car can carry and I’ll have a reveal for you. If you need something to go on, here is one my faves to date. Not sure what direction I’ll go in this year, but I’m kind of itching for new porch lights…might they lead the design?!

I’ve also been purchasing a few new items for my wardrobe and I’ve added a few new fall inspired home decor items to Unlikely Market. Here are a few items that I’m loving for the season ahead! (some of these items are affiliate links, if you purchase, I make a little bit of change!)

Headbands: As I’m starting to get back into my workout routine, headbands are a quick way for me to pull my hair back. Loving this mustard one I have on Unlikely Market. It comes in multiple colors here.

Plaid: To know my style is to know I’m a classic girl and plaid will always be a friend of mine. This raincoat is by H&M and is made of recycled materials. In all honesty, it is very thin so it’s easy to layer your favorite chunky sweater under it.The hood zips in and it’s just so chic with the stand up collar.

Rosé Rewined Candle and candle accessories:The woodsy smell of this candle embodies fall. Not to mention once the candle is burned out, you can remove the wax and repurpose it as a pot for a small plant or decor. And I can’t stress this enough, pretty things make the mundane everyday things feel more fancy read the matches, candle snuffer and wick trimmer.

Brass Stirring spoons: Lashawn shared these brass stirring spoons on one of her Amazon Lives and I had to have them…cause again it’s the small items of luxury that bring the greatest joy. I feel all kinds of fancy stirring my daily beverages with these spoons!

I’m feeling the itch to start baking, I’m thinking next week it’ll be my famous pear crisp. Will you come back next week for the recipe?!

Seriously, happy fall y’all. I hope this season is everything you need it to be!