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Prepping by Flower Beds for Spring

This post has been sponsored by Spectracide Brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Hands down, outside of getting my garden together, my favorite part of feeling spring in the air is the anticipation of my Hostas making their first appearance of the season.

Who knew nearly six years ago when I planted those eight tiny Hosta plants that I grabbed from a neighborhood store that they would year-after-year continue to blossom into the monstrous plants that they are now.

Growing up my dad was obsessed with his yard…he still is, so my beaming pride for my Hostas that basically grow themselves comes naturally!

The weather is getting warm and I’m starting to see the buds pop up so I needed to get outside and prepare for their arrival. They have earned the right to rise from their winter slumber into a neat and tidy bed!

Headed out to Lowe’s to get a little reinforcement. If you’ve ever tried pulling large, out-of-control weeds by hand, you will truly understand why heading to Lowe’s to pick up Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer2 with Accushot was at the top of my list. Leave it to Lowe’s to take home improvement to the next level. I went there for Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer2 with Accushot and left with that, and a few other things, along with lots of inspiration for my vegetable garden. Shop Now!

Came home and got to work. I especially love that this Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer has something called Accushot, that in a nut shell allowed me to spray the weeds while standing in an upright position. 

Pulling weeds can be hard on the back and knees, so I was very thankful for this. I actually had fun. The nozzle also had a slider that allows it to spray the product further and dictate where it goes. This came in handy as I worked to spray around my Gardenia bushes. 

Shop now! If you are looking for an easy to way to get rid of weeds in your bed this spring, Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer with Accushot is it!

Once I finished the main bed, I moved on to the others that flank the front of the house.

We have a lot of work to do, the weeds are slowly taking over, but not for long! I am so excited to see everything bloom, and now the flowers and not the weeds will be the star of the show, thanks to Lowes and Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer with Accushot!


Garden 2021 | Weekly Update 1

My gardening journey has gone from a few pots on my deck in 2014 to a few beds in a small square space, to a permanent structure that I look forward to growing in the years to come.

container garden tips

I credit my passion for gardening to the very first gardening community I joined, We Sow We Grow, run by Natasha. I asked so many questions and got so many answers, and over the years I have just built on that great foundation of knowledge and connected with so many other awesome gardeners online. So thankful for my big sis MJ at What MJ Loves for all the text conversations when I’m not sure what I’m doing!

This is the start of a weekly series where I plan to document my 2021 garden. Just like your children grow fast, so does a garden, and there is nothing more fulfilling for those that grow plants than to see how it started, and how it’s going. The cover image of each weekly post will be an authentic photo of where things are. As you can see from this week’s image, it’s a mess out there!

This year, I replaced all of my garden beds with Vego Garden beds. Last year, my knees and back were worse for wear so I made the decision to update my beds, just 2 years after we expanded the garden. Now that I’m over the financial hurdle of replacing the beds, and getting the dirt in, I’m excited to build on this permanent structure. Those beds aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Now on to the state of the garden for the week ending March 28th.

Kale and red mustards that overwintered were moved a few weeks ago. I have a few pea, radish, beet, and nasturtium seeds sprouting. I added petunias and snapdragons to the beds and harvested two ripe tomatoes from a plant I rescued from the clearance rack at Lowe’s.

Outside of the garden beds, I gifted myself another garden gift, a Haws watering wand (affiliate). Since we didn’t get around to irrigating the beds, I figured a nice watering wand was in order. I absolutely love it.

That’s all for this week folks. A little history, and the current state of things to kick off this garden series.

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Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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How to Start a Garden +My 2020 Garden Plans

Hello garden season, it’s good to see you again. It’s time to get back in the garden and I couldn’t be happier to get my hands dirty, and my little piece of heaven cleared of leaves and back in the game. If you are wondering how to start a garden, I may have a little insight for you. I don’t consider myself an expert, but the last 6 years have taught me a little something!

If you remember last year I did a complete overhaul, expanding it from this to this. I am constantly getting messages that my garden is goals, while it may be, it didn’t happen overnight.

I started back in 2015 with a few pots. I knew very little about gardening except I wanted to give it a try. Here are some tips that I gave back then.

how to start a garden

I kept at it, and eventually moved on to 3 small raised beds in 2017, I wanted to make sure I was invested…turns out I was. I was so proud of this space, it took another 2 years of functioning here before last year’s expansion.

how to start a garden

Now that I don’t have anywhere else to go space wise, it’s time to continue adding to my current space in terms of pots and garden decor. I’m so excited for all of the wonderful ideas I have to come to life this season.

Over the years, I’ve shared some valuable information on how to get started gardening whether it be in one pot, or twenty. Here are a few posts to get you started…don’t forget there is also YouTube university!

My 2020 Garden Plans

I’m slowly realizing beautiful gardens are built with layers, and are likely never finished. They are always changing with new inspiration, and a good structure is just the beginning.

Last year I had a huge problem with pollination, I need to add more flowers this year and I’m so excited. I’ve already started many things indoors so I can have a jump start in April.

I’m also adding a potting bench, a new longer and deeper bed, and finishing off the fence that we didn’t get to last year. I’ll be digging out the perimeter area for wildflowers and other cut flowers.

There are also plans for a small greenhouse to be done in the fall.

I. Am. HYPE.

I had a few crops hang around from the fall like these brussel sprouts and a few cabbages. I’ll let them stay until I need the space. At the rate they are going, they will be ready for harvest just in time for their eviction date…read last frost day.

I recently did a video tour of the current space, and talked more in-depth about my plans and intentions for the space. If you aren’t already following me on YouTube, hit that subscribe button…I’ll be doing weekly progress videos that may not always make it to the blog!

Are you into gardening? Can I answer any questions for you?

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Building My Dream Garden

This post is sponsored by Advent Health for their Feel Whole Challenge

I’m not even sure when the gardening bug hit me, while we’re at it lets add in why. With those questions unanswered, here I am, inspired by the possibilities and beauty of nature in this manner.

I’ve done many posts on gardening, like my first time experimenting with container gardening, or my first time with raised bed gardening, or my favorite Dollar Tree garden items, I’m certainly not new to this and am clearly true to this gardening life.

With my fickle interests, I needed to wait a few years before investing a good deal of money into gardening, because the framework is not cheap. A few beds here or there with some dirt and such won’t break the bank, but when you start talking about building out your version of a secret garden, the bill can add up… quickly. Ask me how I know.

This year, I decided I loved gardening enough to sink a couple of hundred dollars into building my dream garden, and with my husband’s encouragement, strong math skills, and brawn it happened! I can see how it will be an ongoing thing, adding layers as the years go, but for now, I’m pleased with the framework. We still have to finish up the fence,but you know what? Even unfinished I love this space so very much. It is an oasis for me, every time I climb over that fence (because it isn’t finished!) I remember what we started with, and see what it will become in the coming weeks.

Gardening is a form of self-care for me that evokes a feeling that is a little hard to put into words but in a nutshell, it calms me. There’s something about going into the space understanding that my nurturing and dedication can not only put food on the table but can be a beautiful space that is all mine.

As I get older, I realize that building beautiful spaces whether indoors or outdoors takes time. It’s a cultivation of passion, patience, and vision. I can’t wait to see what it becomes as the years go by, there are already plans to add a small greenhouse next year.

If you would like to keep up with my garden, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I give weekly updates and be sure to visit my garden highlight on the platform as well!