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Tutorial | How to Tie a Head Wrap

I’ve never had much for hair, then add in Addison’s mane and I’m at the point where I might be better off without any of my own. I’ve been giving some serious thought to my next move, and in my indecisiveness I’ve decided making an impulse move isn’t sitting just right with me so I’m […]

Unlikely Market

Gingham + Monogram

If you follow along on my Instagram stories you already know a good baseball cap is all the way clutch for me. I rock caps mostly when my hair has disowned me and is begging to be washed, however I also rock them as a stylish way to keep the sun out of my face […]

Banana Republic

Ruffled Sweater + Stripes + Color

This ruffled sweater does just enough to add a little something to my otherwise very basic style. Stripes on me should never come as a surprise. Now color is another thing, I love navy and I love orange, might I add I really love them together. I absolutely love this ruffled sweater!     Speaking […]