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Getting Ready for Spring

April 7, 2021

This content is sponsored by Bic® razors, all opinions are my own.

I am so happy to see warmer weather on the horizon. The dreary cold weather, had me longing for sunshine, and warm weather. Now that it looks like spring is about to make an appearance, I need to do something I haven’t done in awhile…shave my legs!

Judge me! I don’t shave my legs in the winter, or what I call the “off-season,” in my defense the hair on my legs grows thin and sporadic so I don’t feel the need until it’s time for me to bring out the dresses and shorts!

I love high-quality products at a great price and the BIC® SOLEIL® Smooth Scented® 4ct are the absolute best for my needs. I love that the handles smell like lavender, they are a great price and I can find them at Target, my favorite store! 

If you have ever gone to buy a disposable razor you already know there are so many options! These razors are a win-win because they have a comfortable handle and soothing moisture strip® with Vitamin E.

I’m looking forward to once again including shaving my legs as a part of my self-care routine using my BIC® SOLEIL® Smooth Scented 4-ct razors and to make the deal even better for a limited time when you purchase you can get a $5 rebate that enters you into a drawing to win $500 when you redeem it*. Head out to Target and get spring/summer razors. They are available online and in-store! *No Purchase Necessary for sweeps. 50 U.S./D.C., 18+/age of maj. Buy participating BIC Razor, get up to $5 back. Terms/Rules/Prize:

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DIY Gel Manicure + How to and What You Need

April 13, 2020

A few months ago, I purchased a gel manicure light from Walmart so that I could start doing my own DIY gel manicure for a variety of reasons. One, I just didn’t have the time to get to my nail tech as often as I needed to, and two, nail appointments can start to get expensive… and now add in social distancing. I’ve been trying to be mindful of my spending, so this was an area that I recognized as one that I could make adjustments in.

Would you believe all of the essentials I needed cost less than one trip to the nail salon. Yes, I got the light, base coat, and top coat for less than one trip to the nail salon.

DIY Gel Manicure

How to Paint Your Nails with Gel Polish

Painting your nails with gel polish is similar to regular nail polish with the exception that you have to make VERY thin coats. When I say thin, I mean thin. If you use too thick of a coat, the polish will chip. It is far better to make four thin coats than two thicker ones when dealing with gel polish.

  1. Start with clean nails.
  2. Soak your cuticles in warm water for about 10 minutes and lightly push back your cuticles. I don’t cut my cuticles I only push them back. Making sure to remove dry cuticles from the edges of your nails will make all the difference so please take time to do this step.
  3. Once your cuticles are in order you will file, lightly buff and shape your nails.
  4. After filing, you will put a very light coat of “base gel” on your nails and cure under the light for 30 seconds.
  5. On top of the base coat, you will start to apply the nail color. Do as many light coats as needed to get the coverage you desire, curing for 60 seconds between coats.
  6. Once you have the coverage you desire, it is time to apply the topcoat. When applying the topcoat, be sure to wipe the tips of your nails as well to help prevent chipping.

DIY Gel Manicure Essentials: (These are affiliate links. If you purchase I will make a little change)

Gel Polish Kit ($21.99):

Base and Top Coats kit (12.99) :

Fall color Gel polish kit ($14.99):

Gel Light Starter Kit ($24.88) :…

If you learn better via video, I have also created a YouTube video showing my technique. Feel free to watch and make sure to subscribe to my channel!

Let me know if you have any questions. You can find me on Instagram everyday… hit me in my DMs!

cordless shaver
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Self-Care: How to Pamper Yourself at Home

March 6, 2020

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Philips.”

I love a good cliche, they are always so simplistic, yet tell a whole lot of truth. The one we’ll be discussing today is, “It’s the small things.”

As women, as beings who too often take it on ourselves to see that perfection is in place for everyone else, we owe it to ourselves to make the everything day things we use just a tad bit fancy. I mean, it’s just a small way of acknowledging that we too deserve nice things.

I won’t include y’all, I’ll speak for myself. I’m really good for just grabbing the things that will get the job done instead of splurging on them. It will always be, one day I’m going to get me an XYZ.

Spoiler alert: Very often, someday never comes.

Let’s take razors for example. I grab what I see, not taking into account how life changing shaving my underarms and legs with a fancy razor could be… until I got a Philips SatinShave Advanced. The product is in fact fancy AND convenient, you can pick one up at Amazon. If you do, use the promocode SATINSHAVE for 10% off.

self-care tips

Unlike the bootleg razors I was using before, this one didn’t give me any cuts or nicks, the hair was gone with one swipe, and the best part is it just made me feel a little grown-up! I’m telling you, it’s the small things, those small indulgences that we can do from the comfort of our homes that can make all the difference.

Pampering ourselves doesn’t have to be a big deal, it could be taking a weekend day to lay around and do nothing, hang out with a friend, or in my case treating yourself to an at-home day of pampering complete with a little fancy grooming with a Philips SatinShave Advanced razor.

Here are a few other ways you can pamper yourself at home:

  • Read a book
  • Paint your fingernails
  • Take a nap
  • Take a walk
  • Take time to indulge in a craft or hobby that you enjoy

How do you practice self-care at home?

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My Fave Skincare Products + Skincare Routine Video

August 27, 2019

Everything hits different when you turn 40. Overnight, I found myself concerned with under-eye circles, elasticity, free radicals, serums, masks, moisturizers, glycolic peels, and all things skincare.

I started to notice a shift in my skin type some time last year and toward the end of the year really started getting serious about getting it in it’s best shape.

Can’t be out here 40 and looking haggard, especially when my forehead started feeling like an alligator’s skin for lack of a better reference.

It’s taken some time but I have finally nailed down a system that works for me. I know there are a lot of high dollar skin products on the market, and I own a few but I find that my more affordable ones, while not as luxurious also get the job done. Those are the ones I’m sharing today.

Luckily I don’t have sensitive skin because I will try anything once, that’s exactly how I found out that the cure-all, known as coconut oil was horrible for my skin. HORRIBLE.

You know your skin better than I do, mine leans more to the dryer side, but reading the reviews on these products lends me to believe that they can actually work with various types of skin. Do your own research.

Some of these are affiliate links… if you purchase, I make a little change. Carry on.

  1. Cetaphil
  2. Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Cleansing Oil
  3. L’oreal Sunscreen oil
  4. Jade roller
  5. Mario Badescu
  6. Hada Labo Moisturizer
  7. Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist,default,pd.html?start=0&q=hydramist
  8. Overnight Recovery Serum
  9. Merle Norman Revitalizing Bubbly Mask
  10. Facial Buff Sponges
  11. Vitamin C Serum (similar)
  12. Smartly Unscented Facial Cleanser
A few of my faves amongst the group

I know, these are a lot of products, and no I don’t use them all at once. In my latest YouTube video, I go in-depth on how I use these products, how often I use them, and which one is under $15 and hands down the best skincare product I think I’ve ever used.

Head over and watch, and I’d love it if you hit the subscribe button!