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10 Things I Noticed When I Started Drinking 100oz. of Water a Day

This post is sponsored by Advent Health for their Feel Whole Challenge.

At the end of last year, I made my annual eye doctor appointment. Everything was routine, you know look here, read this chart, cover one eye, which one is better as he flicks something back and forth. Then he sits on his chair, spins to look at me and says “you haven’t been drinking your water.”


At this point, clearly he was aware of my transgressions, so I say “no, how do you know?” He proceeds to tell me about a condition where you dehydrate your body to the point that the coating on your eyeball deteriorates over time as you blink. Then the kicker, mine was at a point where it was almost irreversible, and if I didn’t change my ways I could be faced with losing my eyesight.

I let that sit, then I asked more about the condition and he pulls out a handy chart to show me what the spots look like on my eyeball, and how over time it either corrects itself or the situation goes left.

I’m always trying to stay on the RIGHT side of things so I gathered my thoughts on the situation and immediately started to think of ways to hold myself accountable, cause clearly, this here was nothing to play with. I get home, take to Instagram Stories to tell my story, and to encourage others to make their annual health appointments.

I had no idea all of this was happening and had I not been diligent with my appointments by the time I would’ve realized something was wrong it could’ve been too late. I also wanted to stress the importance of drinking enough water. Since December, I average 75oz – 100oz of water a day. Some days I don’t make it, but I’ve put systems in place to remind me, and to keep this very important part of my health at the forefront.  

Once I became intentional about drinking more water, I noticed some positive changes that while small, added up to making me feel so much better daily. Here are a few.

I’m not as Tired

Yes sis! While I probably need more sleep overall, once I started drinking more water I found I was tired but not sluggish. There is a huge difference between the two.

My Skin Clarity has Improved

I think that is a given, but I had no idea what a big difference it makes when you make increased water intake a normal. Not only do I rarely get blemishes, but the overall condition of my skin has improved. My pores shrunk, it always looks moisturized, and I noticed during the winter months the heat doesn’t bother my skin as much.

Overtime Restroom Breaks Lessened

When I first started drinking more water, I felt like I was in the bathroom every 10 minutes. After a week that lessened, and over time while there has been an increase in potty breaks, they aren’t a disruption to my day. I suppose your body gets used to the additional water and stores it better? I’m not an expert so take that with a grain of salt, but know the potty breaks do lessen… at least they did for me.

I Wake Up Thirsty

It’s almost like my body is like sis, let’s start the day off right. I wake up and down 8 oz of water in a gulp. Great way to start the day.

I’m Not as Hungry and I Lost Weight

My unhealthy snacking lessened, and as a result I lost weight. I noticed my arms were smaller and my clothes fit better without me having to try.

Some of my Cycle Symptoms Went Away

When I get my cycle, my breasts are super tender and they hurt really bad. I noticed over time the soreness completely subsided. I later did research and found that some of the symptoms are due to caffeine intake. I’m thinking the water balanced things out.

I Developed an Aversion to Sweet Drinks

For once in my life I would drink something and say this is too sweet. 

Drinking out of a pretty bottle and a straw makes it easier

I’m sure a pretty bottle and straw are psychological factors that make drinking water appealing… but it works! I sought out a large, pretty bottle with a straw. I drink water much better out of a straw, I sit the bottle on my desk and mindlessly sip as I work.

As a matter of fact, I’m doing it now.

I’m a task oriented person. I write things down, I track my behaviors. Nothing makes my day like checking off the box having completed my water intake for the day. I use paper trackers in my planner, and an app when I’m on the go.

My favorite app is called My Water Balance. I do use the free version. It sends reminders that I often need. 

If I complete my goal before noon I’m more likely to get it in.

I strive to have all of my ounces drunk before noon. Looking at my personal behaviors, the afternoon is crazy with kid activities. I don’t want to have to use the restroom during the afternoon rush, therefore I strive to have my goal met before 12p. Any water I drink after that is a bonus.

These are just a few things I’ve noticed. While small, when combined they have made a huge difference in my behaviors and how I feel. Now if I can just get consistent with my fitness I’m sure I’ll feel a thousand percent better. The thing is baby steps, nail one good behavior and add on as you go. Before you know it you’ll be operating as your best self! 

Hope this inspires you to drink more water!

Athleta Girl
Health Life

Steps Mothers & Daughters Can Take to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program.

October may be over but discussions around breast cancer awareness must and need to continue.

Discussions between mothers and daughters, and girlfriends need to continue. As women we need to be encouraging one another to be diligent about being in tune with our bodies and stopping to take care of ourselves before helping every one else.

Breast cancer has been and is currently  too close for comfort. Prevention and awareness education is just one small step that can have an enormous impact in regards to early detection and possible prevention.

Scientists, physicians, and community partners in the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program (BCERP), which is supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), study the effects of environmental exposures on breast cancer risk later in life. One of their initiatives involves encouraging mothers to start talking to and  educating their daughters on behaviors that may decrease the risks of breast cancer.

While my Addison is not quite of the age where I can have a serious talk with her about breast cancer, as her mother I can start with setting healthy habits and standards for her at an early age. Simple things like removing BPA products from our home and eating out of glass containers. There are so many factors that can’t be pinpointed as environmental risk factors for breast cancer but the changes are so minimal and overall healthy for our bodies that making these changes shouldn’t be very difficult in relation to the possible overall benefits.

This mother daughter toolkit has some great information on small changes you can make to possibly reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. The image below outlines a few  important steps that we can take in possibly reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer research is so important. The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program needs our help in furthering their studies. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. The information you provide just may go towards finding a cure. You can find the survey HERE.




Olly Vitamins

Olly Nutrition for tweenager growing pains + giveaway

This post has been written in partnership with Olly Nutrition. All opinions are mine

Growing pains abound around here in the literal and physical sense. On a regular basis, my son seems to forget that he is my child and does not belong to one of the other mothers at the school. The tweenager struggles and growing pains around here have caught me by surprise.

In the midst of his ill behavior he has also been complaining that his joints hurt. I thought growing pains were just an old people’s term, until my husband who is familiar with physiology due to his work informed me that growing pains are indeed a real thing.

What I gleaned from his highly technical definition of what causes “growing pains,” is during a time of rapid growth it is essential to properly fuel the body to ensure strong and healthy bones.

Recently Olly vitamins sent over a few of their expertly blended children’s vitamins that essentially address certain needs of the body.  I’m sure he doesn’t get enough calcium, because he doesn’t drink milk so I thought it good to start him with  “Growing Bones.”

Olly Vitamins

olly vitamins

….and because I am hawking sugar intake around here like a mad woman I noticed that each variety has different ingredients and most of the sugar included is either cane sugar or is naturally derived from vegetables like beets.

Olly Vitamins

They are all naturally flavored and Addi has decided she wants to take the cherry flavored ones.  This particular flavor tackles building immunity and seeing that she is the one guaranteed to get sick at least 4 times a year, she made a wise choice.

Olly Vitamins

Olly Vitamins

The composition of the other two varieties are as follows


olly nutrition

Olly is hosting a fun giveaway for the chance to win the following. Click the photo to enter!


  • A year supply of your choice of two OLLY Kids Wellness Boosts 
  • $250 gift card to Tea Collection to keep them suited up in style.
  • $500 gift card to Target for all the gadgets and gear needed to keep their day action-packed.
  • $100 gift card to Starbucks so you can keep up as their trusty sidekick.
  •  And a year supply of method cleaning products so you can transform their super world back into your home.


Olly is not only expertly blended for the needs of the babies, they also have options for adults to include “Beauty”,”Sleep”, “Calm” and “Balanced Belly.”

Be sure to visit Olly online, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Now if only these vitamins could fix his tweenager attitudinal growing pains.

Do you consistently give your children vitamins? Any growing pains going on at your house?!

Health Living

#CrazyHealthy Sometime Runner

This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Millennial Blogs and POM. All opinions are mine.

I love to run. I do. I just don’t love to run in the cold so I have coined myself the “sometime runner” because I only run from February until October. Now is the time that I dust off my running shoes, and start eying new running gear because I’m about to take off.