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The Best Time to Be a Kid + Gymboree GC Giveaway

Children grow so fast. Finding affordable and high quality clothing is an essential for every parent. Partnering with Gymboree on this post to highlight some of their fun and festive gear for the season. I was compensated for this post….cause again, children always need something or the other.

I’ll never forget the Dr. telling me at one of my daughter’s appointment that if I wanted to get an idea of how we parent, observe her interactions with others and how she plays with her dolls.

In doing so, I got the feeling that I must be extremely affectionate with her. She is such a ball of affection,  joy and laughter all of the time and now that the holidays are upon us she is extra giddy and excited for us to do all of the fun things we do as a family this time of year.

Gymboree Giveaway

I’m not for all of  the fanciness of the season. We like to keep things light, fun and festive. Creating a magical experience for my children is my main priority during the season. We take car rides in various neighborhoods to observe the outdoor decorations and lights, we ice skate, have family movie nights to watch our favorite Christmas movies, visit Six Flags, and the night before Christmas we make s’mores.

We also do Elf on the Shelf, although I’m not completely certain Bella and Charlotte will make an appearance this year. They moved a whole 4 times last year.

All of our activities require comfy clothing, and as I’ve mentioned before Addison has discovered her own fashion preferences and the majority of them come from Gymboree.

Gymboree Giveaway

Gymboree Giveaway

Vibrant, sparkly and shiny clothing fit my girl’s personality to a tee. Gymboree style will have her warm and fabulous for our holiday traditions this year.

Gymboree Giveaway

Gymboree Giveaway

Gymboree Giveaway

Gymboree Giveaway

Shop her looks on below:

Hat | Skinny Jeans | Shirt | Coat | Boots | Purse


Need a little monetary assistance shopping these items?! Enter to win a $50 Gymboree giftcard that can be used to make purchases in store and online. Super easy to enter!

Giveaway will run for one week for US citizens only.

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Athleta Girl
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A Mother World and an Athleta Girl

Thank you  Athleta for powering this post. I was compensated, all opinions are mine.

Christmas Eve 2009, I vividly remember waiting to be called back for my gender scan, and repeating to myself it’s a boy. Once we made it back into the room and the scan was happening  I remember staring intently at the screen waiting for the sonogram to confirm that I was indeed having a boy. Waiting for confirmation on what I had been telling myself since I found out I was pregnant because I didn’t want to be disappointed.

More than anything I wanted a girl. I’d wanted a boy the first time and just knew Lady Luck wouldn’t oblige me twice. By the time I had gotten to the appointment I was good and certain I was having a boy and was good with it.

With baited breath in the darkness we waited as she scanned and measured, and scanned and measured some more and typed important stuff into the computer. Finally she said, ” Do you want to know the sex?”

Uh yeah.

She rolled over my belly a few more times and in the most nonchalant voice said, “It’s a girl.”

My first reply was, “You sure?” I commence to go in-depth about a story I recently read about a lady who was told she was expecting a girl and had a boy instead.

She attempted to soothe my worries by  zooming in a little more. Once I was convinced, I shed a few thug tears. One, because it was a girl and two, it solidified the hanging of the closed sign on the baby shop.

Through every stage of mothering her, I’ve looked forward to another phase that would take me from just nurturing her to being an example, a role model, someone she would want to be like.

Athleta Girl

A lot of my mothering decisions hinge on me wanting my children to have fond memories of their childhood with me as their mother. Their father plays a different role, most people will tell you they have different views of their parents.

My narrative as their mother is mine to create and I do my best to ensure that story is weaved of love, experiences and discipline.

She’s seven now and it is so easy to observe her starting to craft her own thoughts of me. She learned to ride her bike this Summer and frequently requests that I join her. We laugh and I tell her how great she’s doing and  I know these are memories that she will hold on to for a lifetime.


Athleta Girl

It’s safe to say I’ve reached that stage of motherhood and it’s bitter sweet.

She tells me how she wants to write a blog like me and do all of these creatively amazing things and I know she is watching. She no longer needs me to tie her shoe or teach her to ride a bike. She now needs me to reinforce her accomplishments and encourage her through her defeats. She wants to take walks with me and tell me about her day and help me in the kitchen.

She wants to dress like me, she’ll pick up something in the store and tell me how much it resembles a piece of clothing that I own. Mommy and me styles are so chic and add a little something to the mother/daughter dynamic. Athleta has created a chic line of women and Athleta girl clothing that is stylish and functional. With her dance schedule and my need to be comfortable in keeping up with her along with my need to hit the gym while she is in practice, these pieces fit perfectly our active lives. I’ve never known a pair of leggings to fit like these, I can’t speak for her but the fabric and fit hold everything together in the best way. We’re so excited to step out this fall in our matching gear.

Athleta Girl

HER: Leggings | Shirt | Jacket           ME: Leggings | Shirt | Jacket

When it comes to mothering her, I’ve come to realize the easy part was changing diapers and feeding. As I move into the most difficult part that includes building her into an incredible caring human, who is in touch with her emotions, strong, assertive and loving is the most important work. It’s daunting to think that certain aspects of her adulthood will be crafted from these years so I give them my all. I’m stern when needed but also apologize for days when I’m not my best. Seems like just when you think you have this mothering thing figured out, it keeps evolving.

Fight the good fight Mamas!! Cause as someone said

“To the world you are just one person, but to someone you are the world”

Fashion Girl Style

Back to School with Carter’s and Kohl’s

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included Carter’s clothes as compensation.

Girls are so different from boys. Until this day, at the age of 11 my son will not fight me much about the clothing that I pick out for him.

The girl?

“I don’t like this color…. What about this sparkle?….. OMG how cute is this?”

At the ripe age of 7 she know what she likes and doesn’t when it comes to her fashion. Back to school shopping this year has been interesting to say the least. I’m slowly backing away and giving her free reign on certain brands that I feel are age appropriate and of great quality.

The Carter’s collection at Kohl’s was an option that she was given. She went right for the items she loved and while age appropriate they were indeed on trend. I only gently prodded her to select items that I knew would make great transition pieces into Fall with a little layering.



1.Chambray Embroidered Blouse

2.Olive Pocket Dress

3.Chambray Tunic & Floral Leggings

4.Embroidered Patch Striped Dress

She takes her love of shift dresses and chambray from her mother, the whole apple and tree thing is working in my favor for fashion sense.

She is majorly crushing on the patch and pin trend. Please don’t ask me how many of each I’ve purchased.

“This dress is soooooooooo adorable.” That’s her speak for this is my fave right now.




She no longer wants to leave the house without some sort of accessory on. I’m here for it.



We had a great time shopping online selecting her favorite Carter’s items on The convenience was right up my alley, we were able to put items in the cart and the ones that were readily available in the store we selected for in store pickup and had the others shipped.

Kohl’s convenience and Carter’s quality makes for easy back to school shopping. From 8/04 – 8/20 take 40-50% off Carter’s playwear at Kohl’s and get $10 off $50 spent with promo code BTS10 on back to school categories.  Shop the entire Carter’s collection here.


My blog may contain links to other websites. I am not responsible for the privacy policies of those other websites. When you click on a link, your information may be collected by those websites so I encourage you to read their privacy policies. Affiliate links are not associated with Kohl’s


Fashion Girl Style

Gymboree Back to School Style + $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Happy to collaborate with Gymboree for Back to School. I was compensated for this post.

Ten days from now,  including weekends we will be saying goodbye to summer and hello to the hustle and bustle of a new school year. School supplies and shoes have been purchased and I’m getting my mind right to head to middle school orientation in a few days. This school year will be a little different, it is the first time I will have children in different schools. I’m a little nervous about my son’s transition to middle school. Keeping in mind everyone’s journey won’t be mine, I still listen to the horror stories I’ve heard about the transition to middle school and can’t help but be a little on edge. Send spiked coffee for my nerves, okay?

Going into a new school year, I believe parents and children should have goals. Knowing my children’s goals helps me plan to help them succeed in reaching their personal goals.

Y’all know planning is imperative for me and as I try to put systems in place for this new school year I’m just reminding myself to breathe and take it one day at a time. My main goal for the upcoming school year is to simply plan ahead and find ways to make my life easier. The main component of this is making sure I plan our meals in a way that I only have to cook 2 days out of the week for 5 days worth of meals.

Lofty? I know. Cooking everyday is the bane of my existence. With crockpots and instant pots and all of these new gadgets I’m sure I can whip up at least 2 meals in one day. We’ll see.

My daughter says her goal is to, ” Do more by myself and keep my room clean.”

Word?! I’m all for her independence, and it will require me putting some systems in place for her as well. One of the things I did last year that really worked was getting with her every Sunday to plan out her outfits. Once they were selected, I ironed them and put all of the items together on a hanger along with her hair bow so she could get herself ready in the morning.

This year will be no exception. She’s really excited about the new pieces that we’ve picked up from Gymboree. I’ve stated before I love Gymboree’s age appropriate and colorful fashion. I can let her assert her personality and pick out her own clothing without having to police her choices.


How cute is the little zipper mouth on this dress?! Unzipped it is a full pocket, in which she plans to keep her lipgloss she says.

This dress is her absolute favorite. This girls loves some bling. Please note that everything she picked out has some kind of sequins or shine on it.


Gymboree Funny Face Dress  | Brown Tall Boots








GymboreeGymboree Pretzel TunicEyelash Leggings | Headband







Gymboree Sneakers Tee  | Sequin Stripe Leggings Glitter High Tops

We did a fun little video showing off her Gymboree back to school styles!

Gymboree is still around! While some of their stores are closing, shopping online is still an option, and their Back to School collection is full of fun and color. I’m happy to give away one $50 Gymboree gift card to one lucky winner. Enter below!

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What are some of your back to school goals for the upcoming school year?! Some of these items I wish they made in my size, what are some of your favorites from the Gymboree back to school collection?