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My Fall Uniform + $150 Nordstrom Giftcard Giveaway

On the need to dress up meter where left is “Glammed Up” and the right is “Real Basic” I might as well be walking around with a PSL and Uggs.

I’m about as basic as it gets these days.

Although my need to get dressed up these days is non existent, I am always a champion for looking neat and put together even in the most basic shirt, jean and accessory.

Much like a dead horse, I will reiterate always that looking put together as a mom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. However, it does take some strategic planning to ensure you have the right items on hand that when thrown together offer instant style. Here’s a tip, and another one, and one for the road.

The thrift store is a great place to look for quality basic pieces without breaking the bank. Pretty sure you can never go wrong with a button down, jeans and a blanket scarf. That’s my uniform for the fall.

You shall see this uniform in many variations over the next few months.


Blanket Scarf | Unlikely Market  Blouse| Thrifted  Purse | Thrifted  Jeans | Ann Taylor  Shoes | Tory Burch  Sunnies |Vintage Gucci  Cuff | Macy’s

I’m joining Take Time for Style for another installment of Moms Do Fall Fashion. If you need more inspiration for fall fashion head over and check out the other moms and their version of fall style. Be sure to enter the $150 Nordstrom giveaway while there!

Athleta Girl
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A Mother World and an Athleta Girl

Thank you  Athleta for powering this post. I was compensated, all opinions are mine.

Christmas Eve 2009, I vividly remember waiting to be called back for my gender scan, and repeating to myself it’s a boy. Once we made it back into the room and the scan was happening  I remember staring intently at the screen waiting for the sonogram to confirm that I was indeed having a boy. Waiting for confirmation on what I had been telling myself since I found out I was pregnant because I didn’t want to be disappointed.

More than anything I wanted a girl. I’d wanted a boy the first time and just knew Lady Luck wouldn’t oblige me twice. By the time I had gotten to the appointment I was good and certain I was having a boy and was good with it.

With baited breath in the darkness we waited as she scanned and measured, and scanned and measured some more and typed important stuff into the computer. Finally she said, ” Do you want to know the sex?”

Uh yeah.

She rolled over my belly a few more times and in the most nonchalant voice said, “It’s a girl.”

My first reply was, “You sure?” I commence to go in-depth about a story I recently read about a lady who was told she was expecting a girl and had a boy instead.

She attempted to soothe my worries by  zooming in a little more. Once I was convinced, I shed a few thug tears. One, because it was a girl and two, it solidified the hanging of the closed sign on the baby shop.

Through every stage of mothering her, I’ve looked forward to another phase that would take me from just nurturing her to being an example, a role model, someone she would want to be like.

Athleta Girl

A lot of my mothering decisions hinge on me wanting my children to have fond memories of their childhood with me as their mother. Their father plays a different role, most people will tell you they have different views of their parents.

My narrative as their mother is mine to create and I do my best to ensure that story is weaved of love, experiences and discipline.

She’s seven now and it is so easy to observe her starting to craft her own thoughts of me. She learned to ride her bike this Summer and frequently requests that I join her. We laugh and I tell her how great she’s doing and  I know these are memories that she will hold on to for a lifetime.


Athleta Girl

It’s safe to say I’ve reached that stage of motherhood and it’s bitter sweet.

She tells me how she wants to write a blog like me and do all of these creatively amazing things and I know she is watching. She no longer needs me to tie her shoe or teach her to ride a bike. She now needs me to reinforce her accomplishments and encourage her through her defeats. She wants to take walks with me and tell me about her day and help me in the kitchen.

She wants to dress like me, she’ll pick up something in the store and tell me how much it resembles a piece of clothing that I own. Mommy and me styles are so chic and add a little something to the mother/daughter dynamic. Athleta has created a chic line of women and Athleta girl clothing that is stylish and functional. With her dance schedule and my need to be comfortable in keeping up with her along with my need to hit the gym while she is in practice, these pieces fit perfectly our active lives. I’ve never known a pair of leggings to fit like these, I can’t speak for her but the fabric and fit hold everything together in the best way. We’re so excited to step out this fall in our matching gear.

Athleta Girl

HER: Leggings | Shirt | Jacket           ME: Leggings | Shirt | Jacket

When it comes to mothering her, I’ve come to realize the easy part was changing diapers and feeding. As I move into the most difficult part that includes building her into an incredible caring human, who is in touch with her emotions, strong, assertive and loving is the most important work. It’s daunting to think that certain aspects of her adulthood will be crafted from these years so I give them my all. I’m stern when needed but also apologize for days when I’m not my best. Seems like just when you think you have this mothering thing figured out, it keeps evolving.

Fight the good fight Mamas!! Cause as someone said

“To the world you are just one person, but to someone you are the world”

Fashion Mama Style

Instant Style with a Canadian Tuxedo

Chambray and true denim are two very constant staples in my wardrobe. I love these two fashion pieces as a high/low fashion lover because although denim and chambray can be pricey they are also easily found at thrift stores and consignment shops for pennies on the dollar. This versatility in pricing makes this look available to everybody.

If you are fashion term challenged, a “Canadian Tuxedo” simply means denim on denim.

No need to make sure the shades of blue match, just throw on a denim top and bottom, add some accessories and go.


As I’ve slowly dwindled my wardrobe down to nothing in the last year or so with the intent to rebuild it with classic pieces I’ve found myself running to my denim pieces more than ever because denim and black/white stripes seem to be the only thing left in my closet.

canadian tuxedo

SHIRT| Thrifted  JEANS/SHORTS|Thrifted  NECKLACE| Thrifted BRACELET| Thrifted BELT| Nine West

These were jeans that I grabbed from the thrift store and in a desperate moment where I needed shorts that I didn’t have I took scissors to them and am constantly swatting at my legs somehow convinced the loose strings are bugs. True story.

Mixing denim is one of my favorite looks.

The Canadian Tuxedo is simple, and can be punched up by throwing on some jewelry, and will make you instantly look put together with minimal effort.

What is one of your favorite go to looks?

Fashion Mama Style

The Case for the Romper

Tobi compensated me for this post. Black and white is my favorite color combo, this collaboration was the yin to my yang

My goodness, who knew one piece of fabric that easily impedes ones ability to use the restroom but garners much love especially when one tells her friend, ” Girl, it even has pockets!”

You are not initiated into that romper life until you have squatted over a toilet in a public restroom with the middle of your romper bunched and held together with one hand whilst trying to balance yourself with the other.


Yoooooooooooooooooo! Women are amazing creatures, we stand in solidarity with our sisters we see out at public events rocking her romper cause……that struggle is only for the well skilled.

All jokes aside rompers are that piece of clothing that you can easily dress up or down with merely a change of shoes, and accessories. Their level of comfort is a SAHM/WAHMs dream. Cute and comfortable is a wonderful combination when you’ve been locked in a house for days at a time and dare to venture to Target or the kids school or wherever  attempting to look like somebody.


This romper here is one of my absolute favorites. Why you ask?

Hello black and white stripes, slip on and go dopeness.



Romper| Tobi  Sunnies| Valentino  Necklace| Macy’s  Bracelet| Macy’s  Flip Flops| Beauty Supply Store  Clutch| Thrifted

What are your thoughts on the whole RompHim situation? Personally I could care less, this romper life is comfortable and cute, why must we be selfish and not share what we’ve known for years. That being said I assure you my Mr. won’t be rocking one, how about yours?!