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Zara Maxi Dress
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my new favorite dress

June 4, 2016

This heat lately. Y’all know I love my plants and lets just say they’ve all burned up, so the sun and I aren’t on particularly good terms right now.

I’m so thankful for the ability to avoid the outdoors at all costs and I have been practicing my right to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day cause, in the words of my husband, ” It’s hot out that doe.”

Zara Maxi Dress

My fashion jam right now are dresses in the shift and maxi variety. I don’t want to look all made up and slay daily, I just want to put a dress over my head, put on a necklace and some shoes and keep it moving.

Zara Maxi Dress

Looking put together is intentional and as simple as a dress, a necklace, and some shoes. That’s it.

Last summer my Gap dress came through. I wore the you know what out of that dress and it has been placed in the dresser with the rest of the well loved clothing items that have reduced themselves to house wear.

Needed a new one.

Zara Maxi Dress

This $22.90 special at Zara is my new love. Light, flowy and everything that is put on and go. I got this in Austin, and have been meaning to get downtown and pick it up in all of the colors.

But again, HEAT.  So I’ll just keep washing and wearing this one. Last night trying to eat and drive I spilled polynesian sauce all down the front of it. I hope it comes out.

The wine I spilled on it here came out. Fingers crossed. You have to follow me on Snapchat at UnlikelyMartha to get all of the good stuff as it goes down.

What’s your go style in the heat?


Shein Dress
Fashion Mama Style

a shift in color

March 11, 2016

I’m trying to inject more color into my wardrobe. I mean when a man notices you only wear gray, black and white I think a little color never hurt anyone. I’m still sticking with my shift dresses though. Won’t be making any adjustments to that obsession any time soon.

Sunday the Mr. and I stepped out to see Cirque du Soleil. The weather was beautiful, and the fabric on this dress is certainly transitional but would be too heavy for Summer so I hope to get some wear out of it before tucking it away until Fall.

Shein Dress

FYI… I am NOT on bump watch. The sun has set on those days.

I got this dress from the overseas site Shein. Y’all know I don’t do online shopping, and especially ordering something that is going to take weeks to get here but for $19.99 I couldn’t pass it up.

Shein Dress

The shipping was free, and overall I was impressed with the quality and fit. I would say if you venture to shop here, just make sure you read the reviews regarding the fit and measurements. I haven’t ordered anything else from the site but I’ve been looking.

Shein Dress

Shein Dress

Dress: Shein | Necklace: Pynkluxe | Shoes: Old Navy (similar) | Bag: Wilson’s Leather | Sunnies: Tory Burch

…my husband and I have this thing with car selfies. I think I am going to create a gallery wall in our room with all of our car selfies over the years. Here’s our latest!

File Mar 11, 8 54 23 AM

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend!

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Fashion Featured Mama Style

classic & plain style

March 4, 2016

My husband is very attentive and will blurt out random facts at his discretion. As I was heading to Target one day he asked if I owned clothes that weren’t denim, white, black, gray, striped or plaid.

I hadn’t really ever noticed that I am drawn to said clothing descriptors but I like what I like and while it is very plain in the eyes of some I just like my look to be classic and simple in shape and color.

Ventured out to brunch with my Fab Five blog buddies and got Lashawn to snag a few photos of my outfit of the day in all of its plain glory. Can I mention how much I am loving boyfriend jeans right now. These are in heavy rotation, and I plan to snag a few more pair to distress using this tutorial.

distressed boyfriend jeans

distressed boyfriend jeans

Flats are my shoe of choice these days and most likely will be until I depart this Earth. Heels and I see each other very rarely these days. I remember a day when I would not be seen in flats. Didn’t own a pair or tennis shoes.

distressed boyfriend jeans

In the past I’ve worn accessories sparingly but now I’m dialing it up on the bling factor. Loving on my costume jewelry.

distressed boyfriend jeans

distressed boyfriend jeans

                  Trench: Thrifted | Blouse: Thrifted | Jeans: Thrifted | Shoes: Old Navy | Necklace: Macys | Name Necklace: Pynkluxe | Bracelet: Thrifted | Bag: Wilson’s Leather (on super sale, I’m salty)

What is your signature style?

Fashion Featured Mama Style

seasonal shift|15 spring shift dresses for under $50

February 12, 2016

Walking the babies down to the bus stop the other morning, Addi looks at the sky and asked me if it was that light at the exact same time a few days ago. I told her how observant she was and went on to explain that as the seasons start to shift depending on the season you will see the mornings either get lighter or darker.

Little signs of Spring are popping up. 60 degree days stuck in the middle of 30 degrees days is the most accurate descriptor of the globally warmed time that we live in.

After paring down my wardrobe last Spring, I didn’t really replace a lot of things but I’ve been on the hunt lately for shift dresses. Like obsessed with them.

Shifts are the epitome of effortlessly chic. How hard is it to slide a dress over your head, with some jewelry and go? I promise you can’t mess up a shift dress.

I’ve been in Goodwill and everywhere else you can think of  hoarding ALL of the shift dresses. My favorite Gap dress from last year, has seen better days so it needs to be replaced. I was online and came across a few more for the super low.

If you need a jump on your Spring wardrobe get you some shifts. They make all of the fashion sense.

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