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Milani Powder Blush Swatch and Review

Like most people I love a good “beat” face. I pin images on Pinterest, I jot notes from Instagram pictures on various make up products and colors that I wish to buy and never get around to getting. I suppose my life as SAHM/WAHM just isn’t conducive to me putting on makeup daily, which has translated into me not really owning a plethora of the pretty colors and bougie brushes like most of you.

Just a few days away from the age of 36 I’ve decided that even if I’m not wearing it everyday I want to have an arsenal of pretty makeup that compliments my skin tone for those times when I want my face made up. I want some of those pretty expensive brushes and all of the good stuff. So my journey begins here with my new Milani powder blushes.

Beauty Makeup

My Revlon Expression Experiment

This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about finally going to get some good foundation. Well quietly that was the start of a very miniscule but growing love for makeup. I’ve always admired a person who was able to “beat” their face for the pure enjoyment of heading to the grocery store while I stroll around with uneven skin tone and thin lopsided eyebrows.  Well thanks to YouTube and some beauty blog perusing I am trying to get better at perfecting my five minute face. I’m no where near there but I have been picking up an eyeshadow here, a blush there.

As a teenager I had awful acne prone skin that I constantly picked in. Who knew then that hindsight would be 20/20 and my dear Mama was right that my reluctance to “stay out of my face” would leave me with dark, crater like things on my face. I figured my fix for this would be to get a foundation primer…one day. Then the heavens opened up, or my mailbox depending on how you want to look at it and Revlon sent me two wonderful products to try out.

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Beauty Makeup Weekend

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was slightly busy and I am actually gearing up for my busy season. Pretty much I am booked out on the weekends up until about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. In the midst of all of that Divinitee’s fall line will be coming out and I have to start purging this house of all JUNK. Truth be told half of this stuff “might don’t make it” to the new house. We’ll probably hear our voices echoing off the walls because other than most of our clothes we’ll be starting over from scratch.

Anywho. That’s another post for another day.

This weekend the weather here was rather glorious. Friday my husband worked from home so we all just hung out running errands and such.

Saturday, we got up and headed to my nephew’s football season opener.

*swoon* Sr. & Jr.