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Chapter 39

Today is my birthday. My 39th to be exact, the very last one I will ever have in my 30s. *lets that sink in* I mean I still remember eating this cookie No matter how real and unkind life can get, another year of life is the greatest accomplishment. Nothing is promised except birth and […]

Just a Few Questions

Creating content is work. It is constantly trying to keep in mind what your readers like, and how to bring that content to life in way that speaks to you as the content creator as well as the reader. Unlikely Martha was recognized for some amazing things this year, and I’m finally feeling like I’m […]


I will never shake the feeling that Sunday’s are made for lounging in the bed all day watching movies and sporadically napping. Perhaps it’s because that was my reality before children. Every now and again I get that leisure on a Sunday, usually when I’m sick but who’s keeping tabs. Last night I opted not […]

Athleta Girl

Steps Mothers & Daughters Can Take to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program. October may be over but discussions around breast cancer awareness must and need to continue. Discussions between mothers and daughters, and girlfriends need to continue. As women we need to be encouraging one another to be diligent about being in tune with our bodies and stopping […]