Happy New Year Friends!

Last year I’m not sure I had many “visible” accomplishments, however there were so many  wins on a personal/spiritual level that I’m going to keep them to myself, but in a nutshell I am so very proud of myself for exhibiting so much discipline last year in so many things. That discipline was a long time coming and once you do it once, you know you can do it again. And once you know you can do the hard things, the next step is to do the things you weren’t sure you could do. The AUDACITY to reach for what you once felt was unreachable. I’ll be 45 in exactly 2 months and one year from today I want to look back and say “she turned all the way up!”



I’ve also come to terms with the realization that when it comes to how my brain works, there are some challenges and that looks like if I’m to get where I’m going, I’m going to unapologetically need some help.  I’m so optimistic for so many good things next year, I hope this feels contagious and rubs off on you. None of us know what 2024 holds, but we can certainly go in with high expectations!

A few things to expect from my online presence in 2024:

  • I’ll be blogging and showing up more online…I’ve enlisted some help and automated some processes to keep me honest.
  • My newsletter on Substack will remain free, but I’ll be adding a paid version as well. The paid version will provide access to some exciting things I’m building out to include a “45 and Unfiltered” series where I’ll be sharing my unfiltered thoughts (I’m quite sure some of you know I have a bit of a different side that I don’t always show online, you’ll hear/see about it over there). I’ll also be doing a “45 Experiences” series where I’ll be crossing 45 things off my bucket list next year.  I’ll also be doing giveaways, exclusive video content to include book reviews, playlists and whatever else I think of. I’ll also be offering discounts to Unlikely Market. Subscribe to both options below, it will immediately subscribe you to the free version, you’ll need to opt in for the paid version which is $5/month

I’d love to have you join me on Substack, you can join the list here.

Here’s to showing up (for ourselves and others), living free, getting back up every time we mess up, being kind to ourselves, and finally being audacious to go after all the big things we’ve been putting off.



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