Easter Brunch Preparation

April 12, 2017
Thank you to JCPenney for collaborating with Unlikely Martha on this post. As I am rebuilding my kitchen ware collection, JCPenney has been a great resource. I was compensated for this post. All opinions are mine.

Typically our Easter service attendance time alters from year to year. At times we make it to the early service, often times we select  a later service and some years we don’t make it at all. These factors all depend on a plethora of things from cranky kids to the weather but one consistent tradition we have is Easter brunch.

The past few years we’ve trekked out, this year we have decided to brunch in. Presenting brunch in my book is an epic event that requires the proper serving ware and utensils. I ventured out to JCPenney to purchase a few items to add to my all white dinner and serving ware.

This latte cup, while great for serving it’s purpose, also makes for great presentation of grits and in this case, a parfait.




As I am building my all white dish collection I am also updating my kitchen appliances and when I saw this Black and Decker toaster oven on sale I grabbed it.  I mean one can only toast bread on the broiler setting in the oven for so long!


This little addition is perfect for toast and quiche and bagels and you know brunch things!


Whether you are in need of a new dress, jewelry or furnishings for your home JCP has it all for Easter and year round at an affordable price. The convenience, pricing and quality of products makes your trip to JCPenney #SoWorthIt

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