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Laundry Room Makeover – Phase I Progress

January 9, 2014

Well.  Remember a few months ago I blogged about starting a makeover on my laundry room and I said it would be done in 2 months?

Well here we are 5 months later and I am just now getting around to seriously putting in some elbow grease to spruce the place up.

I am dividing the project into 3 phases. Phase I involves patching, sanding and painting the walls, cabinets and doors and scrubbing the grout. Phase II will be organizing and painting inside of the two closets in the space, creating a chalkboard command center and painting the ceiling. Phase III is styling the space with curtains, rugs etc.

Here are a few before photos to jog your memory about the space

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makover

I did all of the hardwork except for the door to the garage. The Mr. was nice enough to prime that for me.

I had to do my fair share of spackling, caulking and sanding as a result of the house settling and the prior owners being hammer and nail happy people.




Once the spackling and sanding and all that stuff was done it was finally time to paint. I climbed up on the ladder and went to work.


2014-01-03 13.44.40

2014-01-03 13.46.17

2014-01-03 13.45.27


Here are a few tips and recommendations in the event you are going to be doing some home improvement projects any time soon.

  • Invest in  good paint brushes. It makes all of the difference. I used Shurline and another expensive edging brush that I picked up from The Home Depot. These brushes and rollers have made my life so easy when it comes to coverage and getting clean edges.
  • Break the project up in phases. My head is spinning at the amount of work I still have to do to be done but it makes me feel a little better that it has been broken down into manageable tasks.
  • Use good paint. The wall color is Glidden’s Mid Day Mocha. The cheapster in me wanted to go with the regular paint but I sprung for the $27 gallon of Glidden Duo which has the paint and primer in one. Covered like a dream. The walls were filthy and not to mention an ugly and I mean ugly shade of gold and the paint covered in one coat. I put two coats on for good measure but to be honest I really didn’t need it.

Glidden Duo Paint and Primer

Laundry B&A

I still have to paint the doors, cabinets and trim as what you are seeing is primer. I tried my best to scrub the grout, unfortunately it is the color of the grout and despite all of the elbow grease I could muster I’m stuck with that grout until we are in a position to replace it *throws things* I hope to find a nice runner to cover it up.

So there you have it. I hope to have Phase I completed sooner than later. I’ll be back with the Phase I reveal. I don’t know when but it surely won’t be 5 months from now….I don’t think.

Have you recently completed a home improvement project or have any plans to start one?



Painting with Disney and Glidden Part III

May 19, 2013

Disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden. You already know.

This is the finale that you have been waiting for and to be honest it is less than stellar due to the fact that we are likely to be moving very soon.

As mentioned in Part I and Part II we set about to make a few changes to Addison’s room utilizing Disney’s new line of paint with Glidden. Not knowing when our time to move will come the majority of her room has been packed up, however I still managed to get the paint on the walls and finish up the glow in the dark stencil design.

We had a nice get together with a few of her friends from the neighborhood to show off the changes but they were more enamored with the toys and snacks seeing that it is virtually impossible to see the design on the wall unless it is dark in the room. We have one of those circular windows above the regular window that doesn’t have a shade so even with the curtain closed it still wasn’t dark enough to reveal the design. I tried my best to point it out to to them but the girls were more enamored with the fairies on the bedspread and well the little gentleman was more into the toys. So I didn’t push it, I let them snack and play. Fortunate for them one of their moms won a gift card to Walmart, hopefully they got something out of the deal.



After my last mishap with the stencil, I was careful to take my time this go round and carefully dab the paint onto the stencil and unfortunately I was not able to capture a great picture of it to show off my handiwork but I will say I was very proud of the outcome. This is the absolute best picture I could capture and I had to use my tripod to capture this.


I promise the outcome is much better than this in real life. Upon my initial completion of the design Addison was afraid of the design and then she slowly came around when I told her it was a princess crown. Needless to say she still refuses to sleep in there alone *sigh*

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the line of paint, especially the coverage.  I have already had to wipe stains off of the wall and they came off with no problem. With no scent and low VOC’s this brand is a no brainer if you are looking to upgrade your child’s room. You aren’t left to the design process by your lonesome, there are awesome resources available to help you come up with and execute a master plan when it comes to redesigning your child’s room.

My project is on the low end of the totem pole when compared to what some of the other moms did. Make sure to check out the Disney Paint Mom Pinterest Board and Facebook page to see the other projects.

Are you in the market to do some decorating in your child’s room? Whenever you get ready be sure to visit for inspiration.


Painting with Disney and Glidden

April 2, 2013

With our impending move I am really excited to exercise my decorating skills. I will confess I’m not the best painter and add to that my indecisiveness and you have a recipe for disaster. Rooms in this house have been painted up to 5 times so I am happy to give this new line of paint a whirl in our current home to get a feel for it to hopefully avoid a case of the “re paints” in our new home.

Glidden has teamed up with Disney to create a new line of paint that includes 112 exclusive shades and 5 innovative specialty finishes that are affordable and available at your local Walmart. Of the 5,097,129 times that I have shopped for paint, well over half of those gallons were purchased at Walmart. I find their knowledge of paint to be comparable with some of the bigger home improvement chains not to mention the convenience since I spend a ton of time in Walmart. If you are interested in seeing if your Walmart carries this brand please visit where there is a store locator along with additional information regarding this line of paint.


In the best interest of children there are quite a few impressive qualities about this new line of paint to include:

  1. Low odor and no VOCs
  2. Ultra durable, and able to withstand wear and tear along with repeated scrubs and washes. Scuffs, crayon and pencil marks, finger prints and tough stains wash off without removing the magical color.
  3. Complementary color palette that easily matches Walmart’s Disney bedding and Disney room accessories, such as furniture, toys and décor options, sold in store or online.

One afternoon Addison and I headed out to our local Walmart  in search of paint colors and a specialty finish. I let her take a look over the swatches and gave her the chance to pick out her favorite colors. Maaaaan, she was worse than an adult.

Disney Glidden Paint

  • Disney Glidden Paint

Amongst the swatches were helpful pamphlets to give you decorating ideas and the tools you would need to execute illustrated designs.

Disney Glidden Paint

Disney Glidden Paint

 She was overly excited at all of the colors and I even used the process as a learning opportunity asking her to name the colors of the swatches that she liked.

Disney Glidden Paint

We finally decided on a shade of pink and the Ready, Set, Glow glow in the dark specialty finish, and headed over just two aisles where the Disney paint was shelved.

Disney Glidden Paint


Unfortunately they didn’t have the specialty finish available at my store, but my bloggy BFF Trina grabbed some for me from her Walmart.

Disney Glidden Ready Set Glow

Now to see the masterpiece that will unfold you will have to wait…..*insert semi evil glamfairy laugh*

Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden.