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A few days ago a friend of mine mentioned that her daughter said something about her “pocketbook”. Seeing that it didn’t fit the context of the conversation I had to ask “pocketbook? What did that have to do with a purse?” I was quickly informed that a “pocketbook” is another word for *whispers* a specific lady part.

Huh? Never heard of that term. Then the conversation came up regarding what will I teach Lil Mama to call “it.” Ummmm a vagina. That’s what it is, isn’t it. Coming up I was taught to call it a Poo-Poo. Nope, I don’t like that word either, anything referring to that region that starts with a P gets a thumbs down in MY book.

So I bring this to you my extended family. Have you taught your children to refer to these areas by the correct anatomical names, or do you care to share more funny nicknames. I am confused, I need to know. Is it wrong for a 2 year old to say vagina, cause I’ve heard one say coochie and I didn’t think it was cute at all.

Time to show your age. Who can tell me what movie this line came from:

Boys have a penis and girls have vaginas

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  1. I am going to guess it came from Kindergarten Cop but that’s just a guess. That movie came out way before my time *side eye*. I call my sons thing wee wee because using the correct term sounded so grown up. He knows the correct term and I don’t bother him about it, the girl I don’t know what to tell her yet.
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  2. I taught my girl the correct word for her private–Vagina. Seriously though, I personally can’t stand hearing a “slang” being used to describe our privates to our kids, and worse–have a child say it. When I grew up my mom referred to my vagina as “tookie.” As for my breasts, she called them “titties.”

    Ugh, just thinking about the words makes me shudder. To me they just sounds dirty. The regular word for it just sounds normal. When or if I’m blessed with a son, he’ll call his thing Penis.

    However, my daughter named my breasts “boobies” so when she wants to nurse (and we’re out in the street), she’ll start screaming, “I want boobies!” Thank heavens I’m not easily embarrassed.
    KalleyC recently posted..This is The Song That Never Ends…

  3. We are definitely doing the proper terms with our little guy. IMO most other terms sounds too silly or too vulgar. Coochie from a 3 year old???? ****faints****
    LOL!! We’re the same dang age! That’s from Kindergarten Cop, when Ah-nald was still an “actor”!
    MrsTDJ recently posted..The Danger of Imaginary Friends

  4. Y’all some old heads!! I thought I was throwing a curve ball with that one. I only knew because somebody told me. Never heard of the movie *ducks lightening strike*

  5. I think we’re about the same age too (I think…) and I knew it was Kindergarten Cop.
    I don’t have a daughter yet but I plan to teach her to call it its proper name. My son calls his its proper name, however he gave it a nickname so sometimes he refers to it as “Kiwi” (like a first name). He made that up on his own and I’m not sure why.
    RandomBitesofASweetLife recently posted..35 Weeks

  6. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl whats so funny is that years ago my 101 year old aunt at the time looks at me and said, Baaby now you know you gotta make sure you keep your pocket book

    i said auntie my purse is closed. She then said, NO your pocket book and puts her hand on top of v-v area… i was totally a taken back, but every time i think about it I just cracks up.. That was the first for me ever refering to my vagina as a pocketbook!! LOL

  7. Pretty sure it is from kindergarten cop, I can remember that scene well and how people laughed about it for quite some time.
    I teach my son to say penis and that is what the teachers referred to it when he was being potty trained. On occasion he will call it his pee-pee and I am fine with that.
    I think it is the parents choice, but we want our children to be informed of the correct body part names and not ashamed of them.
    I remember taking care of teens at work and they would call their body parts the weirdest things, sometimes I wasn’t sure what they were talking about.
    Optimistic Mom recently posted..I Won’t Complain

  8. I had a pocketbook discussion not to long ago. Weird. I was with a group of women and only one had heard the term. We both heard it from our grandmothers.

    When V takes her bath, we go go through all of her body parts and call “it” what it is — a vagina.
    Mama Violet recently posted..DIY Neon Earrings

  9. This is my #1 pet peeve! Pookah has been taught he has a PENIS since he came home calling it a wee wee. Helll no! I think it’s because I’m a nurse. I’ve heard a vagina called sonny different things it’s a shame! Teach your children the right words for their parts patents. Don’t dumb it down. Makes them sound stupid when you are an adult still referring to your “pocketbook”.

  10. I plan on teaching Moo and JJ the proper names for their private parts. I don’t understand why society has a hard time accepting Vagina and Penis when their slang counterparts are much more derogatory. What is there to be ashamed about? When you go to your OB, she/he is not going to be using street code to refer to your private area.

    Idk, I just it a little immature when a person can’t refer to their private areas using correct terminology or looked shocked when other people say vagina or penis during a serious conversation. I said crouch once and my family about had a heart attack. I’ve heard a vagina referred to as cookies, the goodies and my aunt used to call it the killa meat. LOL. And from watching the RHOA, I heard it called the pocketbook when they did the Vagina Monologues.
    YUMMommy recently posted..Goodies

  11. KINDERGARTEN COP!! lol Growing up they were your private parts but we were also taught their correct names (my bros and I) I’ve found myself calling Chunks’s Mr Winky, don’t ask how I came up with it I just did and it stuck but he gets that it’s private. He does call breast boobies but only mine and everyone else got chests lol When he’s older I’ll def teach him the proper name, he can’t be 30 talking bout ‘You wanna see my wink?’
    Candace (NYStateofMom) recently posted..Re-Introducing the NYStateofMom

  12. This is too funny!! But I have three girls, and I taught them all the correct names to use..I also taught them that it was inappropriate to say out in public but they can say it to me. Coochie sounds so porno-ish and I would definately die if I heard that come out of one of my girls mouths.

    Great blog post!!!! I’m glad I was clicked here via-twitter. please check out my blog if you can
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  13. Jas calls her Vagina a “coo coo” mostly because she’s a baby(toddler) and it was just easier for her to say than vagina. She calls her butt “my butp” don’t know why there is a “P” at the end but we get the gist. she calls her little baby Nickels, “boobies” but that’s because she’s heard me refer to mine as such.
    Krissy recently posted..ugh!

  14. I don’t remember what I called it as a kid but when my siblings were born we started calling it a tortuga (turtle in Spanish) and that stuck. With my son now we call his penis a pee-pee and when I tell him it’s a penis he tells me no. As he begins to understand I will have him call it by the correct term. As for baby Girl, she will also know the correct terms. Not sure why people are embarrassed by the terms. Calling it what it is sounds so much better than some of these whacked out slang terms.
    Melisa – Mommy This and That recently posted..Stream of Conciousness Sunday: NaNoWriMo

  15. I am definitely not going to have my child say “coochie” O_O :pause: LOL

    But Nate calls it his “pee pee” right now which I am ok with. We haven’t had the “what do little girls have?” talk yet, but this post has made me certain I’m going to go with the anatomically correct names 🙂

  16. That line is from Kindergarten Cop. Awesome movie, btw.

    I’ve taught my kids to call it what it is. I’ve noticed, however, that sometimes they call it other names–probably from hearing it from school or other people. After all, they are going to find out what it means anyway.
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