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Last Day of School Printables

So cliche the saying but no lies told….Time indeed flies, whether you are having fun or not.

Walking into the last week of school like how? Seems like we were just getting ready to go back to school.

This last week is going to be a bit emotional for me. My first born, the one that made me a Mama is headed off to the scary hallways of middle school. He’s excited about lockers, meanwhile I’m worried about the girls, and peer pressure, and weeping into my coffee that this was the last year him and his sister will ever be in the same school together… EVER.

His voice is changing, he’s nearly taller than me and now we are ushering him into the next phase of his education and development. I’m excited, scared and just overwhelmed at the idea to say the least.

I’ll chat about all of that in a later post.

Wipes tears off the keyboard

Y’all know I am serious about my first and last day of school photos. If you are new around here, I am serious about my first and last day of school photos.

Last Day of School Printable 2017


Last Day of School Printable 2017


Last Day of School Printable 2017



Y’all get the picture.

I needed to create last day of school printables to be ready for Friday so I thought I would share them with all of you. CLICK THE IMAGE, a pdf of the selected last day of school printable graphic will open then click print!












First Day of School + Kindergarten

August 3, 2015 my last baby as I know it went to Kindergarten. I won’t lie and say it wasn’t hard. I put on my personal Facebook page that I sat in the car and cried after I left her classroom and I got a variety of comments from those that understood to those that low key made it seem that I was crazy for shedding a tear. I suppose my tears aren’t just because she went to school but a part of me is sad that my mom doesn’t get to experience these first and last moments with me.

So yes, I cried. Not a ton but enough, and then I got home and was able to work for five hours straight.  I was fine then.

Our morning went easy, I didn’t put them on the school bus the first day for obvious reasons. I took our obligatory first day photos outside before heading out.

File Aug 08, 8 59 46 AM


File Aug 08, 8 58 52 AM

Traffic was awful. I called myself leaving at a decent time to beat the rush. I called wrong.

File Aug 08, 10 08 22 AM

We made it into the school just as the bell was ringing. Didn’t stop me from being a total creeper and sticking around past my welcome. I mean she waved me good bye. I suppose as soon as your children step foot into elementary school your cool factor moves to being embarrassing.

No worries, I did capture a few photos amid her being perturbed by my first day presence. Girls are ALOT!


They did ride the bus home and I anxiously stood waiting at the bus stop to hear all about her first day. She got off the bus as if she was an old pro and told me she had a great day and that the bus ride was bumpy but she liked it.

File Aug 08, 10 11 35 AM

File Aug 08, 10 00 43 AM

So just like that. I have two children in elementary school. Time is moves so slow yet so fast at the same d*mn time.  I always say I’m so thankful for my love of over sharing and blogging because subconsciously I have record of tons of life events dating back to 2010. Here is the post from when my son went to Kindergarten. For some reason when I changed servers all of the photos didn’t transfer so the post doesn’t have pictures but here is his first day.

first day of kindergarten


…and cause I’m a hoarder I still have that shirt from his first day and will forever keep that maxi dress she wore. For sentimental value you know.

Anybody else cry? How was the first day back for your children?


Living Parenting

A Purple Striped Dress and Green Converse

Addison and I have a fairly easy morning routine. She’s in the bed early each night so she often wakes herself before I come in her room. Once out of the bed she calmly puts on the outfit that I’ve chosen and we handle a few of the necessities, you know brush teeth, comb hair etc.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day can be such a tricky day. There are just so many scenarios to be joyful and sad for.

As I celebrate my 6th Mother’s Day without my own mother, I woke this morning with tears in my eyes but reflecting on the lifelong journey that my mother has set me on. Being a mother is the most difficult yet rewarding path that she set me on even though back in the day I was sure it was the AP classes she made me take, and the day she left me at college sitting in a dorm room all alone.

Scarlett Mommy & Belly 4_25_10-114

As I come in contact with women daily who don’t have children of their own but constantly look after and mother children that are not biologically theirs I see that motherhood indeed has nothing to do with birthing your own children but everything to do with a kind, loving and sacrificial heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothering, whether it be in our communities, classrooms, and homes. You are appreciated. To those who have lost, are trying and have given up, Mother’s Day wishes to you as well. It takes a village and a special person to want to undertake the enormous responsibilities involved in raising productive children that later become responsible adults. You all have my love.

I created a little Flipagram of my motherhood journey for fun. Looking at these pictures reminded me that I am only 8 years in but becoming a mother has certainly been my greatest accomplishment two times over!