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Austin Texas

my trip to austin

The something or the other that states Mama ain’t no good to anybody if she hasn’t bothered to take care of herself gets all of the yasssssses that ever yassssssssed. I’ve never considered myself the type of mother to have completely thrown herself into motherhood with reckless abandon. Yes, I am a mother but long […]

Gatlinburg, TN | our spring break vacation

Every year without fail, I’m all like, ” Kids, we’re going to Gatlinburg for Fall break.”  Well for the past two Fall breaks we made it to the mountains, just not Gatlinburg. Glad to say I made good on my promise this Spring break, and as a family we made our inaugural trek to Gatlinburg. […]

B.J. Reece Orchards

Apple Pickin’

Last week for Fall break, my babies,  my SIL, niece and nephews took the 2 hour drive to Elijay, GA which is just north of Atlanta for an afternoon of apple picking at B.J. Reece Apple Orchards. We picked the perfect day, while the weather was a little warm, it was overcast so the shade […]