Covert Mission Friday Randomness

What’s up?

Its Friiiiiiiiday, and I’m ready to swang, pick up my girls and hit the party scene…literally. I have one busy weekend ahead of me.

During my summer hiatus I started freelancing for a new e-magazine here in Atlanta called the  Atlanta Tastemaker<—-subscribe here. I’ve met some awesome moms working with this project, great friendships and supportive women.  Well tonight is the launch party and its being held at an oh so swanky rooftop venue downtown. Can’t.Wait.

I won’t be hanging out that late because I have a 6:20a flight Sat. morning. Yep, you read right…A.Flight. I’m getting on an airplane. I know you want to know where I’m going but I can’t tell. I did mention it on Twitter awhile back if anybody remembers take it to the grave and don’t expose me in the comment section. Where I’m going my face will be a surprise and while I know said person doesn’t “do” the Twitter, they do have access to the web and I’m just not sure if they are that leaves you in suspense. #youcare

Well this week I’ve tried to create a schedule and for the most part I stuck to it *slow claps*. I’m proud of myself I pushed through and completed my task list…for the most part..for most of the most part..

Lil Mama is trying to talk. I make it a point to enunciate with her while she grips the basics. She has started copying me sound for sound. Ex: I say hoT . She says oT.  I say cuP she says cuuuuuP whilst grabbing at my shirt trying to nurse. Weaning? oh yeah, that is a work in progress. Maybe I’ll vlog her new found language skills next week. That’s if I come up on some change for a new webcam…seeing we need a new roof and all..that’s a story for next week.

Lil Mama has also found her voice and makes it a point to belt out random ear piercing shrieks at her leisure.

Lil Man is adjusting to school well. Piano lessons are going well and he is playing football again. Would any one of you know why football for a bunch of 5 y.o.’s would cost $600? Anybody?

I’ve picked my camera back up! I had a shoot last weekend with baby girl twins. Marinate on the sound of that. Uber cuteness. Next week, I’ll post a few from the shoot.

I’ve been running and following my half marathon training program to a TEE. Unfortunately I had to join the gym. With Lil Man’s schedule and my husband coaching his own pee wee team on the off days, I just didn’t have the time to get in my runs like I needed to. So now, after I drop off at school I hit the gym, Lil Mama goes in the kid center. Crisis diverted.

Welp, that was long and random. Come back on Monday for the reveal of my top secret covert mission. There will be tons of pics..tons.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Summer is winding down, you better get it in and get it in soon. ’til Monday!

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