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Project 52 – Week 7

My husband has a classic car that he has been working on lately. While he was in the garage, I was cooking dinner and Addison found her way to the cracked door and took a seat on the step. I watched her, she literally sat there for about an hour watching him and didn’t say a word….or maybe she was enjoying the beautiful weather we had that day *shrugs*


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Breastfeeding Withdrawals?

I was a first generation breastfeeding Mama. I was determined to go against what was considered normal in my family and circles and breastfeed my babies. I did eight months with my first and a little over a year and half with my second. Weaning was not an issue, although I would’ve rather that been an issue versus what I am facing now with an extremely stubborn 3 year old.

At night she will beg to climb in my lap whilst whining ” I want to nurse” which basically means she wants to lay her head on my boob and suck her tongue until she goes to sleep. She is constantly rubbing my breast and any other woman’s breast that picks her up, and I won’t even go into her bra fetish. When she gets really sleepy she will bust in my room hollering, ” I need the bra.” I thought she would’ve grown out of it by now but it seems to be getting worse.

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{kinda} Wordless Wednesday

History often repeats itself. Sometimes repetition is good, sometimes its bad and sometimes it gives us comfort. Our trip to the strawberry patch last week was for comfort. I did good with Mother’s Day this year and I think part of it was due to the fact that it was also my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Coming to a place where I can embrace the circle of life as well as being at a happy place in my life made memories sufficient  this year.



One of the memories that always sticks out to me is the yearly tradition of picking strawberries. Every year my mother and I would head to the strawberry patch with my aunt and cousin in tow. We would spend the day there and she would come home and carefully wash the strawberries, while simultaneously boiling her Ball jars for canning. It was a process that I don’t fully remember but I just remember her, and us doing it together.



A few weeks before my mother died she took my son to the strawberry patch. I was too busy to go, had I known….



I thought no better tribute than to take my daughter on her first trip. Hoping she will have these memories of me when I’m gone. We had a great time and I left determined more than ever to start creating traditions of our own. Ones that will give my children sweet memories of me when I’m gone.



What are some family traditions that you keep going?

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#NaturallyGlam at Glamour Girls Day Spa

From my weekend wrap up post I mentioned that we attended an event on Sunday hosted by Trina. The event was held at Glamour Girls Day Spa in Kennesaw, GA.

Mad for the simple fact she was denied two cupcakes

While the babies played and did their beauty thing the mommies were getting educated on 4 Naturals hair products and techniques to use on adult and children’s natural hair. I learned some very valuable tips and I am looking forward to trying this line of products.

Natural hair twist out demonstration being performed on Adrienne from Me, My Hair and the City

I keep telling y’all Addison’s hair is so dry and I am still so desperate to find something that works other than coconut oil. I will keep you posted on how these products worked out.

The spa was so cute and dainty. Perfect for little ladies. I’m a little shady that we didn’t have anything like this when we were growing up. The best we could get was our Mamas painting our toes and nails…Oh well.

At least they had a great time!

 Have you taken your baby to one of these new fangled baby spas?!!