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Wordless Wednesday

Photography Wordless Wednesday

{kinda} Wordless Wednesday- Football Season

Football practice is in full swing around here. Prior to my husband being named the coach of my son’s team I spoke about being a hypocrite and making my son play football this year. So far he is really shining and is proving my theory right. His dad has been working with him non stop and it is showing. He actually looks forward to going to practice. I’m so proud of him.

I told y’all I knew what I was talking about….this time.

Ayyyyeeee. Peep my little photo bomber!


Photography Wordless Wednesday

{kinda} Wordless Wednesday


This week I didn’t pick up my camera much because we are in the throes of taking the last steps towards moving. I promise an update or vlog later in the week. Anywho, since I hadn’t taken any pictures I went through my photos to see if I could find a photo that I took exactly one year ago today, and wouldn’t you know I found one.


No doubt my photography has come miles from here but I realized when I found this photo that the beauty really isn’t in taking the most amazing photos its capturing memories. It is capturing those moments that you are able to freeze in time. The moral of the story is pick up your camera, capture memories and store them. At the end of  day it won’t matter how good the photo was, the memory will be enough!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Photography Summer Wordless Wednesday

{kinda} Wordless Wednesday

We’ve have been continuing with our routine of staying close to home but we’ve been taking little outings here and there.

We went bowling

Pin Strikes

Pin Strikes

My son is playing football this fall. I know what I said last year, I’ll save the deets on this revelation for another post. Conditioning has started so we spent an evening at the football field.


..and we’ve been doing a lot of the normal summer routing…Playing outside, blowing bubbles, hide and go seek etc. ect.


I did manage to sneak out alone and get in a photo session with Tiffini and her family. Tiffini is the founder of Tastemaker Magazine. I had a great time getting some shots of her and her family. Here are two of my favorites from the shoot.



I’m thinking about starting up a fun linky where I would issue some sort of challenge and every week we would show off our shots in a link up. Would you participate? You could use your cell phone, point and shoot, film, whatever camera you wanted to. What do you think?

Life Summer Wordless Wednesday

{kinda} Wordless Wednesday

With all of the house hunting that was going Candace was not at the forefront of my mind. I haven’t picked up my camera for creative use in about 3 weeks. Now that things on that front are settled hopefully next week I’ll have some of those photos for you.

We haven’t been doing much these past few weeks as a result of the above mentioned situation. However, now that I don’t have to spend my days on the computer looking for houses scared that the perfect one will somehow fall through the cracks I now have time to get out and about with the kiddies. We did manage to get out and stay close to home the past two weeks. Here is our fun in Instagram photos.

Adrian and I

Headed somewhere. I love him!